Flashing Light and two traveling lights

Date: 01/01/2017
Time: 12:10 am
Place: Pretoria
Submitted by: Anonymous


At first my son spotted two bright lights traveling together in an easterly direction as we we were watching the fireworks in the North towards Menlyn. These two lights travelled together at quite a speed until they changed direction and started traveling North East. They were slightly dimmer by then but still visible, sometimes covered behind clouds. They then changed direction, exactly West. We lost sight of them just above us. During this same time, my brother noticed a bright light high in the East that would flash brightly and then off again every 8 to 10 seconds. The flashing light stopped but not a few minutes later, another flashing light of the same magnitude (or the same one at a different area) slightly more North, started flashing again. Roughly every 10 seconds but sometimes longer. This continued for about 15 to 20 minutes in total. All 5 of us witnessed the lights. It was unreal.

2 thoughts on “Flashing Light and two traveling lights

  1. See my Post regarding same Light seen from primrose
    About that same time you also saw the Flashing light
    It was out of this world

  2. My wife and I also saw the two traveling lights, coming from the north (direction Menlyn) at about 00h10 on 2017/01/01. They stopped right above our house and then moved slightly apart (or a single shape descending). I was looking at them through binoculars but could not see any supporting shape. There was also no sound. They remained for about 3 minutes and then started going north-east, growing dimmer, until they disappeared. Did not see the flashing lights, however.

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