Flying Object Flashing A Green Light – Krugersdorp

Time and date: 12/17/2013 @ 23h00
Place: Krugersdorp near game reserve
Submitted by: Stanman

I decided to go sit outside a bit star gazing. 5 minutes outside I was lying on my back looking at stars when from my left top vision area I spotted a satellite. Haven’t seen one of those in a while. Then my mind went, wait… it’s green?? Then I noticed its flashing?? It came from a Southern direction towards the West….

Oh…it’s a high flying plane… (I felt a bit stupid) but then I realised that the flashing is erratic and there’s no other lights or colours.

Since it was very very high for an “international high flying flight” and no other lights etc I flicked my green laser pointer (Never point at mid/low flying aircraft and if you think your laser is high powered enough that they can see it at 35000ft THEN especially DO NOT point it at anything). I flicked my laser on and off in 2 or 3 milliseconds. Not to interfere…. (by this time I knew it’s not a plane and was starting to think more it’s a satellite but I could not explain the green).

Now I got confused…it was the size of a satellite seen with the naked eye, moving at that speed normally seen, but green and flashing weird. As I flashed my laser 2 or 3 times more times…

It just hit the brakes and stopped dead mid flight.

That’s when I sat upright!!

I took photos and video as best I could with my cell and old sony handy cam. Whenever I flashed the laser towards it it started flashing brightly as seen in vid. It was interacting in some way (but only very half heartedly 😀 think it was busy with other stuff.)

The green was funny enough the same kind of laser green… not a light emitting diode or strobe green, but a laser / plasma kinda green… and when it flashed bright it was as bright as Jupiter on a good evening.

For 15 minutes it was stationary then started moving back more or less the direction it came from. Whatever it was, if it was at least the size of a VW beatle at 30000feet. This thing was going around 2000km/h plus.

Then it was so far I started losing view of it.

The speed it was going and stopping on a dime so quickly and then hovering there flashing away for minutes then taking off again so fast. I’m sorry, I doubt it’s anything man made…

Share your stories please… 3 family members had 2 sightings and I was told about them. I believed them but always wondered if I would ever experience it myself. Then I did and it was quite fun.


3 thoughts on “Flying Object Flashing A Green Light – Krugersdorp


    I had seen it today feb 18 2014 with bright green n red light n the. Blue sometime

    • Hi… The lights, was it flashing or would you rather say pulsating? I saw the same type of object (if you can say its an object) On 21 Dec 2013 from my house in Krugersdorp West. The lights seemed to be pulsating. Same thing?

    • I saw a green flashing light that I thought was a plane at first but move very fast then stopped then moved again, extremely fast, hovered then went down. I didn’t see it again. It was not anything I’ve ever seen and I live near 3 naval bases and know what aircraft look like! December 7th at 8pm.

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