Fiery Red UFOs Seen in Pinetown + Photo

Place: Ashley, Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal
Time and date: 31 December 2012 to 1 January 2013 at 23h50 to 00h25
Submitted by: Natalie

Many fiery red UFOs sighted – 3 at a time from S to N and then 3 at a time from W to E in sequence – no sound, some had little puffy clouds around it, long shapes and circular shapes – I’ve got photos to prove it.


4 thoughts on “Fiery Red UFOs Seen in Pinetown + Photo

  1. have seen the same type of object in Cape Town, 4 of them to be precise. 1 right near my house and the other 3 just off Table Mountain – refuse to believe that this is a chinese lantern.

  2. My husband was making a video of fireworks over Pinetown When he saw the 3 chinese laterns coming from Ashley area towards Paradise Valley.The 2 fell before our place the 3rd one crashed and fell in Cowie’s Hill between the houses.These were definately Chinese Lanterns in the air between the fireworks

  3. A lady told me that she was with a family who released quite a large number of these big Chinese Lanterns which went over Ashley and Pinetown, during Old Year’s Eve and some evenings later as well. So I now believed that what I saw was then Chinese Lanterns and not UFO’s as I thought. I’ve never seen these Chinese Lanterns before – so this mystery has been solved now. Thanks to all for the interest shown re this

  4. Bernice van Niekerk

    I saw the same thing round 20:00 on the 31st. In Sundra/Delmas. I know it was not a firework because fireworks don’t move horizontal and the turn 90′ angle. I went outside to look at a aircraft passing in the opposite direction, when I saw it. I watched it till it disappears. And then went and reported it.

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