Fast-travelling Orange Light | Vanderbijlpark

Place: Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng
Time and date: 5 January at 21:20
Submitted by: Hennie Moll

Orange ball of light travelling from north to south at high alltitude and constant speed. Much faster than a aeroplane. It came over 5 times that I saw it in same line but at irregular intervals of +- 3 to 10 mins. I was out trying to see meteorites when I saw this. Anybody else saw similar???

One thought on “Fast-travelling Orange Light | Vanderbijlpark

  1. Hennie Moll

    I first thought it may be the ISS but then checked the positiin of the ISS and it was south of sa and travelling in a slightly different direction. When i saw the 2 one i checked on ISS position again and it was nearing Australia, so that elliminated the ISS. And then came no. 3,4 and 5. It also wasnt firecrackers or flarea as the direction was exactly the same and on same orbit. It wasnt low earth meteorites ad it was to late and they didnt burn up but stayed visable until they dissappeared on horizon. Plrase can somebody give clear explanation

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