Fast, multi directional,moving object over melkbosstrand

Date: 12/11/2016
Time: 07:56 pm
Place: Melkbosstrand, Cape Town
Submitted by: Shamus


I was taking some shots of a fun fair ride at the ostrich farm, Malmsbury using an s7 edge. I just happened to notice a flash in the sky as I was busy. The f-stop was at 1/15 and the object appears in 2 different frames…

2 thoughts on “Fast, multi directional,moving object over melkbosstrand

  1. Posted 4 frames and a gif of the sequence that don’t seem to show up…

  2. We were at the music festival in sliverstroom and saw 3 light moving very low along the cost… was slow and then sped up. Maybe at about 8:20pm

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