Fast-moving UFOs Seen in Kimberley

Place: Kimberley, Northern Cape
Time and date: 9pm 26 January and 4h25am 27 January 2013
Submitted by: Mario Segrys

On clear sky, full moon Saturday me and a few friends saw a bright object moving at incredible speed in the sky. At first we thought it was a plain or a satellite, but then it stopped in the sky and just hanged. Then it started moving very fast and just disappeared.

Then another light appeared out of no where and follow the same path as the other and dissapeared in litterally the same place as the previous one.

The next morning I was joking to my girlfriend that we probably saw a ufo while we were just laying and watching the sky.

What appeared to by a stationary star then just started moving steadily and also just dissapeared. We were stunned. There was no sound.

One thought on “Fast-moving UFOs Seen in Kimberley

  1. Joan du Plessis

    My daughter and I whilst in the pool were also witness to what appeared to be a star travelling incredibky fast, I jokingly started waving to which she responded with a “Mom!! Don’t attract attention!!”…Then it seemed to change direction at a 45 degree angle twice…We called out to my son and her boyfriend who were playing X-Box games in the house, as I wanted at least someone else to witness this phenomena besides my 20 year old daughter and myself. They however, arrived too late as it just suddenly no longer travelled in a direction, but seemed to get smaller and vanish completely within a matter of seconds thereafter.

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