Fast moving object spotted at Camps Bay

Time and date: 28 November 2015 at ?
Place: Camps Bay
Submitted by: Rief

Saw a fast moving object in the sky on Saturday 28 November. at first thought it was a satellite, but it moved way too fast. maybe about 20-25 km away from me, and pretty high up. not sure if airplanes fly that side of cape town or if they do its pretty clear they are turning around or waiting to land.

2 thoughts on “Fast moving object spotted at Camps Bay

  1. i too saw something in the sky last week at 10pm i saw three moving stars coming over plumstead cape town .has it passed by one was coming from the other direction it stopped and gave off a bright light (flash) and this star just disappeared like that>>i was stunned by what ive seen….i see this moving stars every night but ive never seen so many in one ight

  2. My wife, my 3 daughters and I have been seeing these moving stars this past few days and always between 9pm and 9:30pm. Just last night I saw two separate stars just vanish… well the one star seemed to have gone higher and higher until eventually it could no longer be seen.

    Tonight we plan to pic nic outside on the lawn and chill with some wine and just watch these stars again lol.

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