Fast Moving Easterly Star

Date: 14/01/2018
Time: 04:40 am
Place: Fourways Gauteng
Submitted by: Warren


My 3 Year old woke me up for Milk around 4:20 am – sorted him out and was outside having a smoke and praying between 04:38 and 04:40 – looking up at the morning sky where Orion usually is – I noticed a fast Moving star?; size and shape consistent with that of the other visible morning stars.

Star / Object / Satellite – was moving quite fast from West to East and was gone within roughly 40 seconds.

Star crossed the path of two morning stars heading east and was the same size and brightness as the two stars it crossed under. Star started fading out of sight almost at reaching the far easterly horizon – gonna set an alarm and wake up tomorrow to see if there is a repeat sighting…

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