Fast-flying Orange Light in Randfontein

Place: Randfontein
Time and date: 31 December 2012 at 22:00
Submitted by: Kyle

Orange light, flew right over our house. Made no sound what so ever. Heard people talking about Chinese lanterns. But thing was moving fast the one moment. Then almost stopped. Then over our house, next moment many Km’s away. Made absolutely no noise! Both my wife and I saw it.

This has been the fourth time we’ve seen it. Always at more or less the same altitude! We both pilot’s and have never seen anything quite like it. It even zig zags at times. Tonight it actually stopped at one point and climbed like a bat out of hell. When it came over our house it was quiet like I said, and them “burned out” but we could still make out a circle shape. Pretty weird.

2 thoughts on “Fast-flying Orange Light in Randfontein

  1. Saw it last night, 31 December 2012 (23:45) and tonight, 1 January 2013 (19:38) again over Bloemfontein. Last night I thought it was a plane but tonight not so sure anymore. Light moved in a northwesterly direction, change to southeast and then north. Was moving very slowly but funny thing is it started dimming until I could only see the black shape. To far away to make anything out. This was definitely not a plane tonight.

  2. We saw it in Kempton Park on the 31/12. There was about 8 orange lights hovering and then moving from left to right. This was between 10-11 pm.

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