Fast flashing lights in a pattern form

Time and date: 15 March 2014 at 8 – 9 PM
Place: Grassy Park
Submitted by: Rukiya

It happened at around 8 – 9pm on 15 March, my family and I reside in Grassy Park and we had seen these lights at a distance from our house, looking towards the south direction. The lights were flashing fast, in a sort of pattern form, quite big and round. It looked as though it was fireworks at a glance, but no sound was heard, and there wasn’t any sparks or smoke accompanying these flashes. A large amount of these flashes were visible for about 10 seconds and then reappeared within 10 minutes and continued in this manner for over 30 minutes. Aside form these flashes, right next to it, it appeared as if there were “shooting stars”… I would like to know if anyone else had seen this? And if there is an explanation for these sightings.

One thought on “Fast flashing lights in a pattern form

  1. マイケル

    my father and i saw sequenced flashes of lights to the east of plumstead in a straight line heading south where we stay a few nights ago early hours of the morning. i ruled out a plane cause i would have heard and seen it against the dark sky and i know what the space station and satellites look like when they pass by.

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