Falling Object

Date: 03/06/2018
Time: 06:45 pm
Place: travelling towards Ballito 2km from off ramp
Submitted by: Quintin


It looked as if a 737 was falling from the sky. It just dropped straight down Around 1500ft it fell with a tail of white light following it until it disappeared. We see it drop for about 3-4 Seconds. We, My wife and two kids were expecting to see and explosion as it disappeared over the horizon. We took a drive to the sea to see if it landed in the ocean but mysteriously there is no sign of this. Currently there is no report of there being an aeroplane incident or any incident. Ballito is 15min from the King Shaka Airport and the object was sighted in the same line as the Planes travel.

3 thoughts on “Falling Object

  1. Hi Quintin, your sighting is really interesting to hear. In November, 2017 I was on holiday in Ballito, stayed in Compensation road by the Beach. I saw a strange object hovering over the Ocean (pretty close) it was around 3pm, but its interesting you say the object you saw was in the flight path of King Shaka, this was the case with the object I saw too. I am trying to retrieve a backup of the video I took on my Phone, hope I still have it.

    • The crazy thing is that it looked like an aeroplane that had malfunctioned and was falling to the ground. My daughter was freaking out as i was saying that it could be a passanger plane. We were expecting to see an explosion as it hit the ground but to our surprise nothing. Thats why we thought perhaps it landed in the sea.
      Cant believe that there is no incidents reported of this nature.

      • Hi Quintin, from my hours of research I can say that most Unidentified flying craft spotted are silent in nature and often move sporadically at high speeds, hence it seems that a craft was falling. We would have heard on the news if it was an Aeroplane, as there would be human lives at risk, so they have to report on it. If you want, you can follow the link on this post, to see a photo of Unidentified craft…maybe its similar to what you and your family saw. Keep your eyes on the sky! http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=05152751330696319867

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