Falling light that disappeared

Date: 12/06/2018
Time: 08:20 pm
Place: Rustenburg
Submitted by: KayAss


My friends I saw an orange beam or ball of light falling from the sky. It wasn’t falling at the speed you’d expect it to if it was a falling rock or rocket. It was falling at a controlled pace. It showed signs of intelligence behind its mobility. It was slow and precise in it’s direction.. and before I could take the video of the falling light, it suddenly disappeared, leaving a sky full of emptiness. There were no sounds,m and no smells. It never even hit the surface of the earth. It disappeared as soon as it got close to the mountain top, before it even got close enough to land on it.

3 thoughts on “Falling light that disappeared

  1. Alison Sutherland

    It is 30th June 9.40pm look up in the sky – next 2 the moon on the right(My lication – Jozi South) is a light that has been static for an hour prior 2now.
    It is way 2 bright and close 2 b a satellite.

  2. Jonathan Breytenbach

    Saw exactly the same here in Rustenburg same date. Very bright orange, moving very slowly, almost thought it was standing still at first, but then started to move. So glad to see someone saw it ass well

  3. I seen it as well in Ottery above the mountain it first stood high in the sky

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