Extremely Bright Light Flash – East London

Date: 14/10/2016
Time: 08:35 pm
Place: East London, Vincent, North-East (NE) position
Submitted by: Leon


Earlier tonight I witnessed an extremely bright (white) light flash from a slow moving star (?) object (?) close to the moon. The intensity of this flash was immense. It was lit for about 2-3 seconds only as the object was moving slowly in a straight line towards the North-West (NW) position in the sky. The object dimmed down to “normal” brightness after the flash and continued to move slowly passing the moon and then suddenly fading away. It was cloudy, but I could clearly track all the position of this star / object and the surrounding stars. The flash was brighter than the moon. Could this be a drone ? It was too high in the sky I’d say…

There is also another strange occurrence with a multi-coloured star flickering all colours vividly and constantly. The best viewing time for this is between 10h00pm – 11h00pm and the star position is also in the North-East (NE) area of the skyline.

I don’t know how else to describe it better. I am no expert on this sort of thing, but with my limited knowledge I can tell everyone that something is going on and I have seen far more “sightings” in the last couple of months than in years of star gazing… very interesting indeed.

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