Erratic Orange Light | Durban

Place: Durban, KwaZulu-Natal
Time and date: 06:16am 05 August 2013
Submitted by: Natalie Hall

This is our third sighting. The first two sightings were a group of fast moving orange lights travelling together coming north going east which was in the last two years. Other people also sighted these and called into east coast radio.

However this morning as I was leaving for work there was an erratic orange light moving horisontally and vertically very fast which is why I spotted it as it was incredibly odd, it then faded slightly and shot very quickly up into the sky. I have caught it on video off my cellphone. Very odd!

Definitely not debris from space or any human aircraft of any kind.

2 thoughts on “Erratic Orange Light | Durban

  1. where about in kwazulu did you see it? i havnt heard from you for long

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