Durban – Orange Flying Object – 9 April 2015

Time and date: 9 April 2015 at 4:40 AM
Place: Durban
Submitted by: Juanita

Today on Thursday 9 April 2015 I looked at my clock at 4:40 am just after seeing a small bright orange yellow light moving across the dark sky over Durban, South Africa, and immediately wondered if it was a UFO, because it didn’t seem at all like light from the back of an airplane.

It was traveling high in the clear dark sky from northwest to southeast away from the city and over the sea. Just before being obscured by some clouds, it appeared to change speed and direction for a second or so. I realize that this may have been an optical illusion BUT I AM CERTAIN THAT I SAW THIS. After its disappearance behind some thin clouds for a few seconds, it appeared again, fading into the distance as it become more masked by clouds.

About 5 minutes earlier, I had woken from a dream in which a black man was saying ‘yo yo yo’ as he began falling off a ladder, which seemed to have been moved by witchcraft or someone with evil intent. I then got out of bed, went to the toilet, and then opened the curtains and windows in my bedroom for fresh air in my 3rd floor flat/apartment which looks east over trees here in Durban directly towards the sea which is about 3kms away. Immediately I saw, central in my view, the small bright orange yellow light traveling across the sky. After it disappeared, I went and looked at my clock. It was 4:40 am.

I then came to my computer to edit my Facebook post about the protest march in Durban city yesterday by foreign nationals on account of Xenophobic threats and attacks escalating again here, and I then thought to search Google for any UFO sightings over Durban this month and found this site with some reports.

Yesterday in the city of Durban foreign nationals had marched in protest because of Xenophobic threats and attacks on them which have been escalating. Local national opposers provoked the marchers. There was some violence and bloodshed. Today the opposers, who are national locals, are due to march through Durban in protest against the presence of foreigners who are prospering by hard work and wit, whilst many local nationals suffer. Other local nationals are happy about the presence of the foreigners, because through them their living standards have improved. Many shops in the city are now run by foreigners, mostly from other countries in Africa, Asia and China.

2 thoughts on “Durban – Orange Flying Object – 9 April 2015

  1. I saw this too,,, but its so strange how there’s nothing about this on the news….What is it???

  2. Iv seen this on Monday 10 August 2015 at 02:30. The sky was lit up in orange. I saw a bright orange ball moving in speeds that I think no man made machine can. It was in Chatsworth Montford Durban. For a second I thought it was a dream until it came just above my house n with in a second it dissapeared and was back again with a blink of an eye. I got my girlfriend up and she saw it as well and the thing next we saw was zig zagged as if it was marking an area then dissapeared only to see the sky down south (Isispingo area) light up orange. We clearly saw it was an orange ball with like lightening coming out of it! This know dream cause two of us have seen this THING and the speed it could do. Please could anyone out there shed some light on what this could be please.

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