Date: 23/01/2018
Time: 09:10 pm
Place: Cape Town
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Myself and two other colleague spotted a red light flashing, on what seemed to an be aircraft. However the height, inconsistent flashing and silence made us think that it cannot be an Airplane / Helicopter, as well the object stopping in mid-air. We assume that it was a drone due to its erratic flying patterns, moving really fast across the sky, but its was really high up and behind / above clouds? What was most strange was it disappearing for a good few seconds and then reappearing a few meters at another place. I am not aware of any drone that is able to turn of the red LED light that is usually on a standard drone. Also as it started moving further away at a faster pace, The red flashing light changed into a white and more rapid flashing light and then it stopped and flashed Red once again. Then it vanished?

3 thoughts on “Drone-Like?

  1. Hi There, thank you for sharing this. Where about were you located and where were you facing?’sea side, mountain side? It could of been a drone, or it could of very well not been. In the case that it was not, ufo intelligence do not show themslves for no reason and the phenomenon is often acompanied with ‘strange’ coincidences or synchronicities. Did you experience anything else out of the unusual?

    Thanks for sharing
    Ashley Epstein
    CE-5 Academy, South Africa.

  2. i just spotted the same thing, i thought it was that space x plan thing, then i thought no wait shooting star???? but moments later the red lights stop flashin and high high up in the distance you could see thing object moving at a slight speed, with no sound or anything.. my wife also witnessed it but she is confused as to what it was also

  3. i am in west beach, western cape south africa.

    this red flashing thing look like it was coming from far south if i was facing table moutain it would be coming from the left….. u see nothing then this fast red moving flashing light then lights off, fucking strange shit

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