Drone-like noise with clicking sound to change direction

Time and date: 15 July 2015
Place: Centurion
Submitted by: Garth van Veenhuyzen

While walking outside my backyard in Celtisdal, Centurion, I heard what sounded like a drone of some sorts flying over my head, but nothing visible. This would go on for 20min and no visual craft could be seen, even though it was flying as close to 5m from my head. Heard clicking noises from a different position every time craft turned around. Have a soundclip I took with my cell. That’s how close it was.

One thought on “Drone-like noise with clicking sound to change direction

  1. I myself had had the exact same thing on a few occasions, except I never stick around long enough to observe anything as I sometimes get this strange creepy sensation. It only occurs on nights when we are sky gazing and actually see activity and objects. Let me apologize in advance if the post gets too long but I was wondering if there were other people that also experienced it.
    Background: Being quite the skeptic, we started observing moving stars (too bright & fast, moving zig zag at times and did not appear to be satellites. Over time more and more unexplained lights, orbs and open v-shaped objects were seen (and filmed to the best of our abilities) mostly in the Centurion area. On New Years Eve we were treated to the most awesome and busiest nights and there was no doubting it. We started spending our nights searching the sky for anything that appeared to be out of the ordinary, camera ready. Let’s just say we filmed a lot of embarrassing footage which on closer investigation would reveal the most ordinary of things, but on most occasions we experienced and filmed loads of incredible footage.
    As time progressed, and the more we searched the skies, the more we started seeing.
    Gradually me and my friend both developed buzzing/ringing sound in ours ears.
    Then, only on the nights we witnessed things, one or the other would suddenly have this strange sensation in the one ear that felt like it goes shut and rings extremely loud. Shortly thereafter we would see movement overhead. The “regular constant ringing” gradually got worse to the extend that falling a sleep became difficult. Even stranger the ringing/buzzing wasn’t experienced directly in our ears but sounded like 100 drones just circling our vicinity non-stop and we both kind of accepted that it must have be noises from surrounding factory,shops etc..
    Not long after I had the 1st of three experiences you speak of. It starts with a irregular repetitive K K K K K sound being made by something or as if two wooden/metal objects was rapidly being tapped together. This sound carries on for a short while on and off then next moment, I would say to me it felt and sounded like a giant moth or bird would suddenly frantically flap it’s wings right next to/behind my ear giving off a sound of fluttering wings or drone wings in heavy wind, I even felt what I thought was the wind generated by the fluttering or as you explained and the drone sounds even on the nights when there was no wind. Each time thereafter it appeared to be louder and more persistent in “its” demeanor. I thought I was going crazy and that I was just imagining it all with all the UFO hunting and talking. Then on the last occurrence I was laying on a blanket in the back garden with the dog, occasionally glancing to the sky when it suddenly happened again but the K K K K K sounds was more intense then ever. Then as I lay rolling around with the dog to try and establish the source of the sound the flapping/wind sensation happened right next to my ear but extremely frantic and loud like “it” was literally almost against my hear. Trying to swat it away, trying to simultaneously establish a visual (and still thinking it might all be in my head) I noticed the dog had scampered and coward a few meters away shaking and whining. As I went to comfort her in all this commotion I noticed she wasn’t looking directly at me but towards something just above and behind me and each time I heard the fluttering sound she apparently did too and whimpered further back. I eventually ran into the house as I got freaked out but needles to say later that same night we saw the V-Shaped object low overhead. Our sightings became less and the buzzing in our ears subsided but so too did the aforementioned experienced but since last week I heard the clapping K K K K K K K sounds again, no flutter next to my head this time. You say you have a recording, do you mind sharing? Apologies for the long post but felt events were relevant to one another.


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