Disc-shaped UFO sighted in Fishhoek

Place: Fishhoek, Western Cape
Time and date: 24 December 2012 at 8:45 PM
Submitted by: Vaune

I was driving along the Kommetjie rd from Fishhoek to sun valley 8:45 pm 24 Dec 2012. I saw 2 orange red flares in the sky ahead, together, there was a flicker of green in the lights..

I stopped to have a good look, noticing that they were coming through the valley from long beach towards Fishhoek, as soon as they got to a 45′ angle from my view, their light went out, they were headed towards the moon light, I kept my gaze on that moon hoping to see something… and boom!! They came past, I could see their classic disc shape..

I called a friend in excitement, another came , and then another. They were traveling under the cloud line.. Their lights did not flicker, each had 1 light in front, no sound and were about 10m diameter.. Speed looked, smooth n fast.

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