Direction-changing UFOs sighted in Constantia Kloof

Time and date: 19 November 2015 at 7.30pm
Place: Constantia Kloof
Submitted by: Rory

Last night, 19 November 2015 at 7.30pm I stepped out to admire the storm starting to build-up looking in a Western direction, when I noticed up to two to three faded white circular to oval objects within the clouds. At first I thought this was lighting building up, but when I saw actual lighting behind these objects it become very clear that this was something within the clouds that was not lighting.

These object performed a pattern that is not common with lighting strikes across a horizontal direction within the sky. They seemed to perform of pattern of circular sweeping over a small area, but then would cross paths and change direction with high speeds constantly being kept. They would go clockwise, then anti-clockwise, then back and forth then up and down, then clockwise again and so forth. The pattern was not consistent at all.

I also thought that maybe this was a search light from the ground, but climbing on the roof (not the most intelligent thing to do while a storm is brewing ) but there was not stream of light from the ground to the sky and even if there was one, the speed of the objects in the sky was so fast that I don’t know of a search light that could achieve this.

This whole process lasted for about 25 minutes with these objects almost playing with each other changing direction at insane speeds. At this moment one could clearly differentiate between the lighting streaks in the back ground and these objects in the clouds. My wife and son can verify this sighting as well as it went on for such a long time I could call them to witness this as well. At about 8pm, the storm took over and these objects stopped or to say the cloud cover was too dark to see these objects.

2 thoughts on “Direction-changing UFOs sighted in Constantia Kloof

  1. faeez bulbulia

    the reason for my response is, because i live in the same area and would love to spot a UFo please letme know of your next sighting

  2. Hi Faeez

    On average I spend 30-45 minutes star gazing every night, but it is total luck of the draw on a sighting. Some sightings last a couple of seconds, and others a little longer. Having said that, most of my sightings from my personal capacity have been looking in a western direction near Clearwater mall area, looking north, towards Wilgeheuwel, and East towards Checkers Hyperama area. I constantly rotate my compass view combing the skies in every direction possible. It becomes addictive, but trust me, you start to see things which are not normal. In the event of my next sighting I will definitely report my experience with all.



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