Direction-changing Aircraft – Johannesburg

Time and date: 11 January 2014 at 10 PM
Place: Johannesburg
Submitted by: Jean-M arc

Last night 11/02/14 at around 10 PM in Sydenham, Johannesburg I saw something that looked like an aeroplane moving in the sky but it was much too far up to be a plane or maybe a satellite? It was moving very slowly in a straight line then it slowly started drifting onto a new trajectory and moved in that direction for about 30 seconds and then change direction. It did this several times as it started moving away. I don’t have a telescope but with my eye I could make out that it was much bigger and brighter than anything in the sky last night. Did anyone else see the same thing last night?

One thought on “Direction-changing Aircraft – Johannesburg

  1. I’ve seen those! For a few months every now and then.. Sometimes they disappear while they’re moving and never come back.. The first time we saw this happening, there were loads of them in 1 night.

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