Didn’t notice any objects but awoken by strange noises

Date: 09/05/2016
Time: 02:30 am
Place: Parow
Submitted by: Rina from avondale parow, RSA

In the early hours of Monday morning at around 02h45 I was awoke by loud strange noises emminating from outside. At first I thought maybe my neighbours are busy in their kitchen, because of the sounds seeming to be some sort of kitchen appliance.
Then decided to get out of bed to investigate. Did not see anything on the outside or in the northern or southern direction of our building complex.
It sounded as something was preparing to lift up into the sky. A loud humming grinding sound. Then a high pich sound and then volume would go down and up. As though someone left a huge sement machine or grinder running outside. Strangely enough the sound disappeared after about an hour.
Went back to bed. The same afternoon at around 12h00pm. My son returned home after school. Stating that he had something weird to tell me he started telling me about what happened at school.
Apparently at school the same sounds we heard by his class mates, teacher and two other classes as well. Were talking about 90 kids here. And their teachers. Everyone was amazed ran to the windows and looked to the sky but saw nothing?? The sound stopped after about 40min or more. Children were shouting. “Oh no aliens are landing!” were talking about high school kids here…. Come on something is happening…? But what can this be???

2 thoughts on “Didn’t notice any objects but awoken by strange noises

  1. This is very interesting, I would like to know more about this . If You wish to do so please contact me on 0767851706 kind regards Mr Du Toit .

  2. The exact experience you are experiencing, I experienced in 10 times fold!!! Happened 11 months ago in East London where i stayed. I can tell you this.. thats only the beginning of unexplainable events to follow… if you are willing to know more.. I recommend you stay awake till around 2-3am even earlier sometimes where stuff gets weird around your neighbourhood…… for instance: Dogs in your neighbourhood go crazy from one point of the street to the end, then continuing to the next block, till a certain point and then all back again.. It gets more intressting then that… SO intressting its actually scairy…Present day, becuase of what i have seen.., heard and experienced, I-m an enlightend and scard being. My advise to you is, to never stop asking questions and try not to freak out.. oh yeah and dont tell everyone what you have heared or seen, cuaz they going to think your going crazy…. my Name’s Lehander Luiters.

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