Diamond-shaped UFO Seen in Northcliff, JHB

Place: Northcliff, Johannesburg
Time and date: 7:40 PM on January 25th 2013
Submitted by: Roshana

I just saw something about 20 mins ago. An Orange light very bright behind what looked like a wispy cloud.

I live in Northcliff Joburg. Probably at altitude higher than a plane would be..moving about twice as fast as a plane in a straight line across the sky heading slightly up…then the light flickered.

I could see an outline..sort of like a diamond shape but shorter at the bottom..then lights slowly disappeared.

One thought on “Diamond-shaped UFO Seen in Northcliff, JHB

  1. This seems to be around same time my wife and I, with kids, witnessed what you described. This is not our first sighting in Northcliff. Our first was around October 2010 –
    A golden lit teardrop shaped craft hovered for more than half hour over Northcliff Hill (to far right of water tower). It slowly gained altitude and in a flash of a second, vanished completey out of view.

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