Diamond shaped object

We drove from Kenilworth to Gordon’s Bay last night at around 00:15 and saw a diamond shaped object with bright white lights. The object seem to change shape, or the lights changed and gave the illusion of changing the shape of the object. It looked like on several occasions one of the lights moved down the object and moved back up again.
It was not a plane as it was visible for an hour or longer and did not look like one at all.
It was also not a star as it did not flicker like one.
The object moved erratic like nothing we have seen before. Up and down and left to right.
Also saw streaks of orange and green for a split second as it disappeared and then appeared again half a minute later in a slightly different position.
Tried to take photos but the camera we had was not good enough to take a good pic.

One thought on “Diamond shaped object

  1. It does not help to take a pic, do not show up on a photo.

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