Dark triangular object with alternating flashing green and red lights

Date: 02/04/2016
Time: 06:30 pm
Place: Looking West from Elarduspark
Submitted by: Amanda Zellmer

A dark triangular shape- initially green flashing light, moved erratically and very quickly, at the range must faster than any fighter jet could, then changed to red and green flashing lights alternating between stationary position and traversing circular pattern but always returning to original position. Then dropped vertically down out of sight and vanished.

4 thoughts on “Dark triangular object with alternating flashing green and red lights

  1. Chaven Yenketswamy

    The airforce base Waterkloof is west of Elarduspark. Those lights look standard in any plane. Did you hear any sound? If it was moving very fast mach speeds then you would hear a characteristic sonic boom.

  2. Amanda Zellmer

    Hi Chaven,
    Thank you for the reply. We initially thought of the Waterkloof airfirce base and even the possibility of a drone but the movements were way too fast to be either. Not even the fastest fighter jet could move like that. Then the strange shape from what we could see with the binoculars made no sense.
    It has now been several weeks after the incident and we are baffled by it. I have research the Internet extensively to no prevail. I wish more people saw it that night.
    Please let me have your thoughts again.

  3. Christof van Tonder

    Aurora spy plane maybe? Ive seen strange triangular craft myself, one of them had a white light that shone on the ground, like a searchlight in the middle of craft.

  4. Last night on 11 June 2016 at around 06h20 I saw a triangular craft in the vicinity of Design Quarter in Fourways. It was dark and I was driving so I could not stop and record. The first thing that caught my eye was two very thick black streaks that were left in the sky. I looked and saw no planes. The a large triangular craft with three triangles or perhaps three triangular craft appeared a few kms to the right of the streaks. Then it dissapeared and appeared again. The lights were red and and yellow white and appeared and dissapeared. What on earth could that be?

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