Crazy Satellite(s)

Date: 31/05/2016
Time: 07:20 pm
Place: Greenside, JHB
Submitted by: Star Gazer

Last night while admiring the night sky I spotted a satellite.

After taking note of the direction it was moving in I called my daughter.Watching satellites is a treat for us and she hurried to have a look. I located it again and pointed it out to her. After a few seconds of watching its trajectory – it stopped completely.
Then it proceeeded to go in loops, backwards and forwards, up and down, this way and that!!! All at incredible speed and maneuverability. It was like it knew we were watching and was having a laugh at our amazement.

I called my wife and she witnessed the exact same thing occur.
She has great sight and said that it appears to be giving off a shimmering light or that because of its extreme speed leaves behind a light trail.

She spotted a satellite and we compared the movement of the two.
Then my daughter spotted another one of these ufo’s but a much fainter one. It also behaved unusually and soon disappeared.

We watched this for 5-10 minutes before I had to leave on an errand.

Needless to say it was weird and freaked us out some.

You may think that I’m crazy – so did I.
I keep asking the ladies if it was just my imagination but they confirmed that what we saw was real.

I constantly watch the skies and have seen many natural events around South Africa but nothing quite like this before.
There seems to be an increase in “traffic” lately.

Be prepared good people and GOD bless!!!

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