Craft spotted in Meyerton

Time and date: 3 May 2015 at 19.00 hrs +- Dark /starlight
Place: Meyerton
Submitted by: Michael

Craft heading from South to North turning NW – quite fast
Flew directly across path of incoming airlines flight path to OR International airport
but altitude was difficult to determine, looked fairly high.
Large object / Wide span
Large Orange light at each “wing” end and then each light faded to white and continued to fade to small spots in seconds to nothing until craft disappeared in my view.

I was observing with binoculars and could not make out a shape at all not even with back light from sky.

Could this be the B2 Spirit stealth bomber? Although the engines of the B2 are close to the center, either side of the fuselage not at the wing ends. See image of B2.

Gruman B2 Spirit

One thought on “Craft spotted in Meyerton

  1. Wednesday 20th May 18.35 pm – Meyerton
    Same Craft again as above/Silent/ lights at “wing” ends faded to nothing
    But one very interesting feature , the craft was heading north west
    and must have turned after it went “dark” to the south – as I was searching for it with binoculars I saw a faint “blue” flashing light but not flashing as you see on conventional craft , a pulse every 3 seconds or so.
    I read up on light configurations and the in flight refuelling aircraft tankers are one of the few that have a blue flashing light arrangement .
    But my burning question is – what is an aircraft like this doing over gauteng ?

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