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Guest posts

We would love to feature your article on the blog. You can write about crop circles, UFOs, your own opinion, sightings in South Africa, etc.

Guidelines: Your article must be original and must be written by yourself.
You can include one link to your site at the bottom of the article.
Send your articles to uforsa@hotmail.co.za. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Chinese lanterns

We would like to know – what do Chinese lanterns look like at night? They get mistaken a lot for UFOs and now we need some photos and/or videos to show exactly what they look like on photos.

In this experiment, we would like you to send a few Chinese lanterns up in the sky at night. The number of lanterns can be from 2 to 4. Set them off in an open field very far from houses. Take note of the wind. Release them, wait a few minutes for the lanterns to be high enough. Then take some photos and/or videos. These will be placed on our website for others to see. Send your photos and videos to: uforsa@hotmail.co.za

WARNING: Chinese lanterns are a medium to high fire risk. Use with caution.

Crop Circle

We would like to know – is it possible to communicate with our visitors by using crop circles? These mystic formations are complex in design and could hold the key to communication between 2 worlds.

In this experiment, we want you to use a giant open field (farm or vast open field) to make a crop circle. Since crop circles (some circles are hoaxes) made by visitors use complex patterns and designs, one must remember that it must be able to decode it. Some examples can be found in Britain, where the highest count of crop circles are found. Send us an email with your photos and/or videos and also your report on the events happening to: uforsa@hotmail.co.za