Comet shaped light

Date: 05/05/2016
Time: 05:40 am
Place: Kloof, KZN
Submitted by: Brian Stevens

While driving to work this morning I saw 2 bright lights traveling roughly East to West, at a fairly low altitude. The 2 lights were moving in unison one above the other, and appeared to be losing altitude. Both had comet like tails that kind of flickered, but no sparks were evident. They appeared to be moving at about the speed of a jet airliner at low altitude. When I arrived at work, I told a colleague, who said that he had witnessed the same thing at the same time, except that he was driving on the N3, and only saw 1 light which appeared to be over Westridge and nen just disappeared.

3 thoughts on “Comet shaped light

  1. Photos! Photos! Please guys try to take snapshots of sightings. We need proof!

  2. Saw the same ball of fire moving across the sky – tail looking like glowing fire as well – low altitude – 5:30 this morning as I was leaving Hillcrest – only saw one unit though – not two – 5 May 2016

  3. Pauline Marais

    I live in Port Elizabeth and last night after 7ish I saw a bright green comet like object, pretty large flash through the skies traveling low from south east to north. It happened so fast then disappeared immediately. Am wondering if it could be the same object that you witnessed..

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