Cluster of flashing lights in PTA Northen night sky

Date: 19/02/2017
Time: 08:00 pm
Place: From Pretoria East towards the North
Submitted by: Ehrhard


I was watching a cluster of flashing lights (like stars) moving in a circular motion in PTAs northernly night sky!!! (Im in PTA east) JUST NOW BEFORE THE CLOUDS COVERED! Went on for abot 15-20min! The cluster split with about 5 shooting in a Southernly direction making a couple of sudden moves before disppearing. The original cluster was still playing around for about 10 min flashing and “playing” around…and then the clouds came in and covered them…. SHOCKING!!! how do u explaine something like this yo anyone else wthout veing ridiculed??

One thought on “Cluster of flashing lights in PTA Northen night sky

  1. I saw a cluster of stars that move very slow in Durban

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