Close Encounter in Kommetjie in 80s

My encounter happened in the 80s I think 87 or 88. It happened in the Kommetjie area. My sister and I were asleep. We shared a room when we were awoken by a bright white light. The brightest light I’ve ever seen. We both got up and looked outside to see what it was. In our yard stood 4 or 5 “people” in white space suits. I say space suits because they had helmets, gloves and a black visor with almost like a breathing appartus going to the helmet.

They also had what I can only describe as metal detectors and they were moving in swaying motion with blue light eminating from the metal detectors. Until this point I thought the “people” look weird but I wasn’t scared even though I knew they saw me and my sister looking at them. Then I heard a voice tell me in my mind. “It’s okay. We not here to hurt you. You can go back to sleep.” My sister and I looked at each other and went back to sleep instantly. I remember this like it was yesterday. Don’t like to talk bout it but I need to know if anyone has had a similar experience in this area. The Cape Point/Kommetjie area is a hotbed of activity.

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