Claremont Glowing Object

Place: Claremont
Time and Date: 15 January 2013 10:20-10:30
Submitted By: Kiran

Report: First it appeared to be a glowing object in the sky, a gold/yellow light moving slowly upwards, unlike any thing identifiable. Myself and my friend, as well as possibly 5-6 other people witnessed it then “switch off” into darkness and re-appear as what seemed to look like a jet, although moving slowly (too slow for a jet!!) it passed us overhead, so I could make out a jet-like silhouette,. It also had a green light. Later on the way home we saw a similar looking object with three yellow lights in a triangular pattern pass overhead (this time while driving.) My friend is Catholic and never believed before, but he saw exactly what I saw for the same duration I saw it, and he (and I) were both speechless.

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