Circular light visible for more than 4:45hrs

Date: 26/06/2017
Time: 02:15 am
Place: Pietermaritzburg
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I woke for some fresh air, when i opened the window there was this huge circular light in the sky which was so bright and big it had around it. I could tell it was moving because it changed positions on the buildings i used to mark its movements. The lights changed from bright to deam, you could see the lights flick as it changed to be more brighter. It stood in one position for more than an hour. The light was just well above the buildings from where i was watching, it moved higher but i did not see it move from one point to next. Again i stood there for another hour still it was even more brighter. 2 Hrs into the sighting i tried to take some pictures but i failed. I then dialled 112 to report a sighting where i was transfered to pmb police station where i explained this to the police officer who said she did not even what a ufo was, i urged them to go outside and investigate of which i doubt this happened. I then tried to call enca number on the website was not working. Called directly the police station found another officer who again had no intetest. I woke up my flatmate and son to this wonder who were equally amazed. I then called a friend asking him to take a pic around 4 as it was still visible and very bright. He took some pics though they are not clear. I called Oribi airport to investigate the lady said they had no equipment as they have never had to investigate any ufos. Tried the witness newspaper shot straight to the full voice messages box. 5am to 6am it was still there still very bright in the sky. My friend and i talked about waited to see how it was going to go out. Just before 7am it had gradually risen very high it was still visible but it was just a ver shiny big bright object checked it at 7:10am it was still visible but much higher and almost disappearing in the sky. When i checked it 10 mins later it was gone!!!! I have since informed the witness reporter.

3 thoughts on “Circular light visible for more than 4:45hrs

  1. Check thee videos out, try view them in HD. We recorded something weird on Sunday 25 June:

  2. Anthony i promise you, it was a very shiny object like the one you uploaded when the sun was up as it kept rising before it disappeared…almost blinding i asked some guy to take pics will upload if it is anything clear…m still shaken by this experience it was very real!!!! Thank you for the video!!! Suprisingly enough there is nothing today, woooow!!!

  3. The Witness publishes an article on your report today (28/06/2017) on their Facebook page.

    You are quoted to have reported that: “There was a commotion outside my flat and I woke up to check what was going on…”

    Your report here reads as: “I woke up for some fresh air…”

    Why the difference in reports?

    This is a false sighting.

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