Date: 08/02/2016
Time: 07:40 pm
Submitted by: T.L. CHURCHILL

Whilst outside on the balcony something caught my eye extremely high up in the sky – way much higher than where any aeroplane could possibly fly. It was a circular object, however suddenly it moved, there was no sound at all, and a series of very bright lights started flashing – first red, then white, which turned to a bright blue. I called my son to witness this unexplained sighting with me. The lights faded when it moved again, semi-hovering in the sky. Suddenly it lit up again, in the same sequence: bright red, then white, then blue & it started hovering in a circular movement. It then made a very sudden, sharp descent downwards, then the lights slowly faded but lit up again as it descended downwards. We were totally puzzled & intrigued as to what it may have been. We attempted taking photos/a video, but they simply did not come out at all, very strange! We’re hoping that this was witnessed by others in our area as well, as it remains a total mystery!!


  1. My wife and i experienced the same colours you have described, Mr TL Churchill. We were driving from Jhb to Newcastle and my wife spotted these wierd lights above the Majuba mountains between Volksrust and Newcastle. We pulled over and stood roadside and watched these lights meet up with a second one and then a third one. Probably about the same height as planes fly at, the 3 sets of lights met up, hovered for what must have been 2 or 3 minutes, then darted off upwards one at a time in quick succession at stupidly fast speeds. We have not told anyone of what we saw, until now, because the lights you describe are exactly like the ones we saw a few years back in 2001. Very wierd when one witnesses something like this….its almost as if you doubt yourself… It’s as if you feel like a right ‘nana repeating it to someone. Well, no doubt what it was coz us humans here on earth certainly do not have the technology yet to do what we saw. Mike.

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