Cigar-shaped UFO in Johannesburg, Kempton Park

classic saucer-shaped ufo

Time and date: Wednesday, 3rd of June 2015 at 19:16pm
Place: Kempton Park
Submitted by: Malcolm Adrian

Wednesday, 3rd of June 2015 at 19:16pm , I was going outside for some fresh air, when I looked up there it was, a UFO, it was bright yellow-orange, it had a oval or was cigar shaped. it wasn’t an airplane or a jet, an airplane flickers red lights & you can hear it and a jet is too fast to stay stationary. the UFO didn’t make a sound or anything, it was in the distance just hovering there, I ran back inside so I can take a pic but it vanished. Funny thing is my friend was in Edenvale when it happened, he also saw the object, described it the same way I did, two people from different locations saw the same thing. I personally think it was interested in the Kelvin Power stations because they’re between Edenvale & Kempton Park.

This isn’t the pic but it was very similar to that one:
classic saucer-shaped ufo

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