Cigar-shaped Object in Melkbosstrand in 2009

Place: Melkbostrand Beach Road
Time and date: 20h35 November 2009
Submitted by: J&J

Did anyone else in the Melkbostrand area, around end November 2009, see a cigar shaped object suddenly appear with a bar of 4 lights, hover for a few seconds about 100 meters from us, and then disappear. Absolute silence, the surrounding area seemed to go ‘deathly’ silent and cold.

We don’t recall hearing the waves, traffic, nothing. My husband and I were sitting enjoying a coffee on a balcony opposite the sea shore in Melkbostrand. Everything seemed to have suddenly stopped, felt like we were in a vacuum and an object, large, suddenly appeared to our left about 100meters away at same level we were sitting. We both had the distinct feeling afterward that we were being looked at. Four port hole type lights were clearly visible and it looked cigar shaped. It disappeared as quickly as it appeared and everything went back to normal. After a few seconds shock, my husband said ‘did you see that’. I then realised I wasnt dreaming as he had seen the same thing and described exactly what I saw and felt.

We don’t watch Star Wars, not interested in SciFi. So what was that? It was more than a sighting, the incident felt like an experience. The object was low, not in the sky and not over the sea. It appeared to be really close by. What made it eerie was the change we felt in pressure, light and sound around us. Anybody else in the area or anyone else had a similar experience. We were too embarrassed to mention it before but when we saw a TV program on an UFO incident in 1936 Venice, Italy the sighters described exactly the same object we did. Would really enjoy any logical explanation.

One thought on “Cigar-shaped Object in Melkbosstrand in 2009

  1. Anthony Prolad

    The cigar-shaped Light-ship is probably of the Sirius fleet operating under the aegis of the Ashtar Command.
    The one that appeared over the Ukraine on 6th March 2014 was “claimed” on TRN (Turner radio Network) to be a gravity powered military craft belonging to the USA.
    Go to ,click on current messages then select March 10th 2014 – Ashtar.

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