Celestial being seen above 12 Apostles Hotel in Cape Town

Date: 09/11/2017
Time: 02:47 pm
Place: Camps Bay
Submitted by: Pasha


I saw a weird being flying above 12 Apostles Hotel in Cape Town.
It looks like a celestial being or an angel.

2 thoughts on “Celestial being seen above 12 Apostles Hotel in Cape Town

  1. Razell Rudman

    Perhaps if the experiencer, “Pasha” in this case, might elaborate a little more we can deter detractors from making drug-related ad hominem remarks.

    I prefer a non-dogmatic and agnostic approach to the unexplained because by having your options open brings you to a vast arena of possibilities. I have witnessed these “other” (for lack of a better word) myself and it’s best not to come to firm conclusions. The mind made up is a closed mind.

    When the veil is thin at certain portals and vortexes it seems The Gaia Archetype might be manifesting, perhaps through the collective unconscious or mother nature herself. African Shaman Credo Mutwa explained this phenomenon once. A Catholic might witness apparitions of the Virgin Mary, as in the case of Fatima, while others saw the sun moving most unusually in the sky while emitting the entire spectrum of colours. Others might see the same phenomena through their respective cultural lenses, for instance, a Hindu might see Lakshmi or Parvati, a New-Ager a Light being, others an angel etc.

    In fact we have no idea if these crafts, beings, and lights in the sky are Holographic experiments, MKUltra, physics we don’t understand, Subterranean civilizations, Extraterrestrial, Light beings, elemental beings, Daevic beings, Quantum beings, Demonic, Ethereal or Astral energy, Hallucinogenic, Psychedelic, Shamanic, Occult tulpas, Egregores, Thought forms, ancient Witchcraft seeping through the ether. Perhaps it’s simply misidentified plastic bags, Chinese lanterns or tricks of lights and shadows. Perhaps it’s something we simply can’t comprehend or all of the above.

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