Ce 5 south africa (human initiated contact with ets)

Date: 23/06/2017
Time: 02:02 am
Place: South africa
Submitted by: Timothy Woodruff


Contactsa is a group formed with the aim of initiating contact through meditation in aid of disclosure and a better world. We get A LOT of sightings every week and sometimes in consecutive days it’s very peaceful a beautiful experience and I believe many of the sightings you have seen have been a result of our efforts. If you are interested search for the contactsa group on facebook or contact myself on the ufo research article

5 thoughts on “Ce 5 south africa (human initiated contact with ets)

  1. Link please … Cannot find it

  2. Hey there. Can you provide the link as I could not find contactsa on facebook. Thanks!

  3. For anyone who is interested in such contact, I would suggest visiting this website:

  4. So this is a spiritual thing and yet you can’t put 1+1 together.These beings and UFO’s are not ET from another planet fools.You might as well play the ouija board.It is the same thing.You are messing with evil spirits disguised as aliens and UFO’s.

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