Ce 5 south africa (human initiated contact with ets)

Date: 23/06/2017
Time: 02:02 am
Place: South africa
Submitted by: Timothy Woodruff


Contactsa is a group formed with the aim of initiating contact through meditation in aid of disclosure and a better world. We get A LOT of sightings every week and sometimes in consecutive days it’s very peaceful a beautiful experience and I believe many of the sightings you have seen have been a result of our efforts. If you are interested search for the contactsa group on facebook or contact myself on the ufo research article

4 thoughts on “Ce 5 south africa (human initiated contact with ets)

  1. Link please … Cannot find it

  2. Hey there. Can you provide the link as I could not find contactsa on facebook. Thanks!

  3. For anyone who is interested in such contact, I would suggest visiting this website:

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