Shape shifting object in sky| anomalous cloud-like shimmery object

Date: 09/03/2018
Time: 05:30 am
Place: Queensburgh, Durban
Submitted by:


Saw a shape shifting ufo this morning at around 5:30 am just as the sun was turning the tips of the medium grey clouds pink.
At first I thought it was a bird as a few were flying about but it stayed still for too long, then I thought it must be a distant plane, but it wasn’t moving any closer, further or in any direction for a long time.
The shape started to swivel about and I figured it must be a tiny cloud forming as it got bigger in circumference. It seemed more blurry compared to other clouds its size and the light wasn’t catching in a uniform way (it seemed to shimmer and light up at odd angles to the sun). Then it started to ‘fluff’ about faster – too fast for a windless sky (plus the other clouds- even the small ones- retained their shape and position the entire time).
It waxed and wained a couple times to a point of near invisibility each time, never sticking to one shape for longer than a second before waining a final time and completely disappearing for a bit. After less than a minute it appeared again towards a northerly direction along the horizon line (to the left in other words), where it did a repeat of the same shifty behavior before disappearing for good.

Green falling star but not

Date: 25/02/2018
Time: 09:40 am
Place: Weltevredenpark
Submitted by: Lyn


I was looking out the window last evening and saw a large, bright, round green light with a whitish tail streak across the sky going from northerly to south westerly direction. There was absolutely no sound, so it could not have been a plane crash (also none reported overnight). It was moving way faster than any high level aeroplane which sometimes passes overhead us and it appeared to be travelling level below the cloud cover, so it could not have been a falling star. It could also not have been a firework, as no sound preceded or followed it…and it did not fall directly downwards or in any arc. No idea what it could have been. It held a steady path. There was also no reflection up into or off of the clouds above. Sadly, I was not able to record it as it took but a second to pass overhead and out of sight.


Date: 23/01/2018
Time: 09:10 pm
Place: Cape Town
Submitted by:


Myself and two other colleague spotted a red light flashing, on what seemed to an be aircraft. However the height, inconsistent flashing and silence made us think that it cannot be an Airplane / Helicopter, as well the object stopping in mid-air. We assume that it was a drone due to its erratic flying patterns, moving really fast across the sky, but its was really high up and behind / above clouds? What was most strange was it disappearing for a good few seconds and then reappearing a few meters at another place. I am not aware of any drone that is able to turn of the red LED light that is usually on a standard drone. Also as it started moving further away at a faster pace, The red flashing light changed into a white and more rapid flashing light and then it stopped and flashed Red once again. Then it vanished?

Cigar shape over Benoni

Date: 20/01/2018
Time: 06:55 pm
Place: Benoni
Submitted by: Marius Marx


Saw a cigar shape yellow and black object flying from south to north I first thought it was a bag in the wind but using the binoculars and the size of itand the distance from us it could not be a bag. Was to var away to take any snaps.

we arenot erlown

Date: 18/01/2018
Time: 03:01 am
Place: moller piont
Submitted by: nazeem


hay gay,s this the zeerocks ergain are hade er norder exsperehins last nithg this is the 7 went time i am seeing ufo,s last nithg for the firts time i saw 3 ufo,s at the same time orbiting at firts i tort it was er plain flying with er star but i am i nuts and den er tert star starter to move the seccon star hade er flick so too flying stars and er sume ting tath look like er plain at nithg seckon tort its er satel lithg no its space sips and i am going to get the everdins going to recort one of my sithings i know now we are not erlown u know defers was last nitgh it got scary er lown on moller piont beats with aliens in shyt wath i starter to ting of obduckting,s this is the zeerocks i will find that recortding for u gays zeerocks out

Flashing lights over Soweto

Date: 05/11/2017
Time: 07:55 pm
Place: Soweto
Submitted by: Peter Mokhothu


As I was driving along the N12, in my periferal, I saw a group of lights, kind of like fireworks, and then I looked directly, and the lights were together (probably 8 of them), and these lights stayed there for a second and disappeared into thin air.


Date: 26/10/2017
Time: 06:18 am
Submitted by: tareshwar singh


Dog started hauling at the same time.
Todays video link :

Last experience was different from this one.

Hazy Amber Orb Seen From Dinwiddie, Germiston

Date: 22/10/1993
Time: 10:00 pm
Place: Dinwiddie, Germiston
Submitted by: Dean


This sighting occured many years ago when I was a teenager.

It was a very, clear, warm spring evening on Friday the 22nd of October 1993 and the moon was decending out due west from us. The moon’s elevation from the horizon at the time of the sighting was 45 degrees. In addition, I wish to add that I am a trained observer and know very well what a weather balloon, ball lightning and satellites look like. I live close to Rand Airport, therefore I am also familiar with the various aeroforms that fly around here on a daily basis and am able to distinguish aircraft quite easily, likewise of their flight patterns. What I saw was not a weather balloon, satellite or any type of rare natural or atmospheric phenomena.

Just a few hours before the sighting, my mother and I were laying in the backyard of our home in Dinwiddie, Germiston on the East Rand, watching the sky with the intent of seeing something strange in the sky to record, as we’d heard a couple of reports a few weeks prior on the local radio talk station in Johannesburg (Talk Radio 702) of UFO’s being sighted above the city by listeners.

There was a slight breeze blowing that particular evening and my mother tried flashing light signals with the torch (flashlight) at the sky with the perception that this may attract these craft.

At 22:00, we glanced back toward the north west and saw a small light. It was just decernable in the darkened night sky, but dull in comparison to the stars. It was definitely not a satellite, that I know for sure, as I see many of them at night from my home. There was no sound discernable from my vantage. I immediately ran indoors to fetch my binoculars to get a better look at this thing.

When I returned, my mother pointed it out again to me I managed to locate it through my binocs. Looking at it with the naked eye, it appeared to be the size of a pinhead held at arms length and very distant over Johannesburg; it was a very dull amber colour and had no distinct outline. It was completely round in shape, headed in a southerly direction aandt a steady rate of speed, then passed directly in front of the moon.

It seemed to be of a translucent quality – not solid. Then… what made this sighting most interesting was what happened next: The object moved just a hand space, to the left of the moon, levelled off, then came to an abrupt halt. There it hovered in mid air for 5 seconds, proceeded further in a straight, southerly direction, hovered for another 5 seconds then disappeared into the stars!

The duration of the sighting lasted approximately 1 to 2 min. I wasn’t able to take any photos of this object as I only had a small plastic Instamatic camera and wasn’t able to take photographs at night with it, especially of anything at great distance. Nevertheless, I provide here, an artist’s rendering of the sighting instead.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not smoke or drink, so what I saw was NOT an hallucination of any kind. The sighting took place in front of two sober people. The report was later submitted to the Mutual UFO Network in Texas, USA.

3 light over Pretoria East

Date: 12/10/2017
Time: 08:00 pm
Place: Pretoria East
Submitted by: John Doe


There where 3 light about the size of an average star in the night sky moving fast from west to east in a triangle pattern but as these lights moved one of the lights moved out of pattern shorty after an aircraft came in the picture moving in the same direction but did not look or sound like a standard civilian plain then circled back and then headed in the same direction again. The 3 lights when in a triangle where about a thumb thickness apart when holding out my own thumb when the objects where about overhead where I was standing and the one light that broke formation moved from side to side, the lights never flickered from what I could see and shortly after I spotted a satellite, these objects where moving at about 3 or 4 times the speed of a satellite across the sky and there was no noise. The plain mentioned above I could hear but not as clear as a civilian prop or turbine plain, luckily a Civilian plain followed about 20 min after to compare the sounds and could be clearly heard.