Bright shinning objects travelling across Durban

17th, January 2019 at 10:24am. Glenmore, Durban. I was outside with my wife and daughter when I looked up to see a bright shining object traveling from west to east. I thought it may have been a weather balloon reflecting light from the morning sun, but I’m not certain. Ten minutes later I witnessed possibly the same object travelling east to west towards Amanzimtoti. At this point it looked like two objects (one above the other) travelling across the sky. I couldn’t see anything binding the two objects together. The objects were too small. Objects made no sound. Brightly shining while travelling west to east but not so much travelling east to west. I couldn’t make out the shape. I have a video clip, but no clear photo.

Two ‘linked’ ‘satellites’ with respective changing trajectories in Durbanville

04-01-2019 at ~22H30

Upon gazing in the nights’ sky, I immediately noticed what I thought were two satellites nearby one another and clearly moving with different trajectories to one another. I thought this to be a pleasant coincidence, and based on their trajectories they should be moving away from each other as time went on. Then one seemed to shudder ever so slightly and momentarily pause, only to chamge trajectory and follow the other. The other also change trajectory a couple of times, until it was clearly evident that the two objects were inexplicably ‘linked’ or one following the other, but still separated. They were fine points of light, just lighter than a star but still sharp and precise. They almost certainly were from beyond the Earths atmosphere. The speed at which they moved was quite erratic. They ultimately seemed to move perpendicular to their original trajectory, but still erratic and almost ‘back-and-forth’ with one of the two clearly having a shudder-like pattern. I am an avid star-gazer and spot satellites as a hobby. Although these appeared to be satellites at first, their obvious change in trajectory and speed seem to counter this possibility.

Flying Object

Tonight 31/12/2018 a flying object in the night sky caught my attention as it appeared first as a very bright light until it came closer and then I could see small red and white lights. I thought it was a passenger jet but it made no sound and passed from south to north of the Southern Peninsula, Cape Town. I could not distinguish a shape, but thought it was unusual as there was no sound. It was travelling at the speed of a passenger jet one can see and hear on any given day. I pointed it out to my daughter who also wondered why there was no sound!

Flying triangle with a light in each corner observed over Ottosdal

first sighting

Triangular formation of steady white lights spotted flying just outside of Ottosdal, around midnight. It’s movement gave the appearance of lights fixed to a craft. The three lights remained fixed in relation to each other but moved across the sky into the proximity of what i assumed was a passenger plane and then lost sight of it.

Second sighting

On the 25th of December 2018, around 11pm, I saw the same triangle fly over my location in Ottosdal. It flew directly over from behind. I leaped up and ran a few meters to get the clearest view. was able to track it for a minute before it seemed to turn and i lost sight of the lights. it made no noise and seemed to be flying low and fast.

Coincidently about 15 minutes later I saw what is probably the brightest thing I’d ever seen in the night sky. It was clearly much higher in the sky, and was so bright it looked like it was on fire. much brighter than any star or planet in the sky. It moved for a while and then it was gone. this looked like your typical “shooting star” or something but was moving a bit slower a was much much brighter!

With that said, the triangle craft is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. – This video is the best example of what it looked like, almost exactly the same except my perspective was obviously a lot more steady than the camera’s, it was clearly moving fast. Hoping to find out exactly what it is.

Round Object moving looking like a Satellite until…

Tonight, above Pretoria around 9pm above Pretoria, my friend and I were sitting outside watching the sky. I observed what looked like a satellite. I told my friend to look up where it was. He looked up at said it might be the Space Station since he has been in the satellite business for years. I ran in to call my wife, she and my friend’s wife came out and my friend said that the “satellite” has stopped. We then noticed that it has been moving in the opposite direction relatively fast and then it stopped and started flashing. We are in the North of Pretoria and a family member in the south let us know what she saw and she is 30km away. She sent a video but cannot upload at this time because of internet been so slow

Woken by Bright Flash

Date: 10/12/2018
Time: 03:15 am
Place: Bloemfontein
Submitted by: Phillip


I was sleeping when I suddenly woke up from a flash. As I laid in bed watching out the window I witnessed a second flash, an object seeming to emmit a orange white flash every 3 seconds. It was making circular direction changes. I watched it for 5 minutes. Next moment it shot an lazer beam to the south where I faintly could see 5 faint lights dodging the lazer. It then moved fast to the North. My wife witnessed it with me as it departed to the North.

South coast orb

Date: 06/12/2018
Time: 05:40 am
Place: Umtentweni
Submitted by:


I was walking down the hill to wait for my work transport. I live on a cane farm. Took a couple of pics of the sunrise likke I often do. And in the pics was this orb.
I did not physically see it there at the time. See the pics and decide for yourself what it is. It’s not the first time I have taken pics like these and this is a new phones.

Disc object gliding over Swartklip road

Date: 25/11/2018
Time: 11:12 pm
Place: Tafelsig Mitchell's Plain Cape town
Submitted by: Jessica Arendse


I was showing my grandson the full moon on 25 November 2018 when I noticed the craft appear under the moon from the direction of baden Powell drive towards swartklip indoor centre. Thinking it was an airplane I pointed to my grandson how fancy the flashing bright lights were. However, I then noticed that there was no sound (which usually is a racket when passing our home) also that the shape of the lights were more in a disc shape and prism like. Still curious I continued watching and the craft suddenly stopped in midair in the area above the swartklip sports centre. It stayed there changing its light colour to white then sped off in a high speed upwards.

Sighting 20 December 1990

Date: 20/12/1990
Time: 11:10 pm
Place: Lentegeur Mitchell's Plain Cape Town over Kapteinsklip area
Submitted by: Jessica Arendse


don’t even know where to start, so I’ll start with my first known sighting which I also recorded in my diary at that time. I was waiting on a date to pick me up looking at the sky and saw what I thought was a shooting star. Dated: 20 december 1990. Instead the light grew brighter and started flashing with long pauses on and off. When the light grew red I thought it was a helicopter but then another appeared next to it and the first one became more visible. It was dome shaped with lights aligned in the middle and another red beam beneath it. The second one also had a red beam but was different in design with 5 lights like tripods extending to the bottom. The two then started manoevering very fast around each other also in an up and down motion. After quite awhile there was one big flash and the first one just beamed off and disappeared and the 2nd one zoomed off as well! I’ll have to check in my diary for finer detail as I’ve also drawn illustrations at that time.