Two stripe light in the horizon

Date: 30/09/2018
Time: 06:24 pm
Place: North West Swartruggens
Submitted by: Neville


About 18:24pm yesterday evening just before the sun completely disappeared, was driving back home from Rustenburg, just over the horizon there was a two stripe object/objects, appearing to be hovering over a nearby mountain, near Swartruggens in the North West. at 1st glance i thought i was looking at the moon, then realized the shape was wrong to be it, then thought it one of those Telecom antennas but realised it was way high to be one and did not have a base to hold it up. Because of the speed i was driving, i slowed down just behind a slow moving truck to get a better look, and indeed the view was much better, and i switch off my radio to listen if maybe i could hear an engine of something, but no… the shape was totaly alian to me because i grew us seeing big planes -small planes, helicopters, stars, and hot air balloons. i quickly took my phone in disbeilieve i also ruled out a motorised hang glider as i know some farmer in the area have them. the shape of the Object made a traingle before starting to move forward the direction i was going, i noticed to cars had parked to check it out but the heavy traffic behind me and the poor road condition made it difficult for me to stop and film. I did manage to film what i could with my phone, but the poor quality gives one the idea i saw wrong. if anyone saw it or filmed it, Please share. i thought such things are only seen in America-Europe!

Multiple objects captured on camera in Pinetown KwaZulu-Natal

Date: 17/09/2018
Time: 12:30 pm
Place: Pinetown
Submitted by: Light Warrior Awakened


After watching a video with regards to our sun I decided to snap some pictures using my silly little 8 MP camera of the sun from my window. After reviewing the images I noticed what looked like a fly in the picture but seemed to high up and to be just that. I decided to venture outdoors and switched my camera to continuous shot and fired at the skies as if my phone was a sub-machine gun and I was the only soldier left standing in defense of my encampment overrun by enemy aircraft. At the time I was not sure if I was aiming in the right direction and if my efforts would be in vain or not, I fired in all directions at a rate of 30 shots in 6 seconds. After reviewing the carnage I was pleasantly surprised at the UFOs I captured on camera.

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Mettalic white orb hovering below a Boeing 747 at 2:34 Thursday spotted from Doppio zero whilst having a coffee.

Date: 11/09/2018
Time: 02:34 pm
Place: Greenside jhb
Submitted by: Sean


I was sitting with a friend and pointed at the plane which was flying low and spotted a white orb the size of a bus hovering and tracking the plane under the cockpit of the plane it was white and mettalic with a ring around the middle of the craft and simply disappeared.

Strange flying object

Date: 27/08/2018
Time: 08:05 pm
Place: Pretoria
Submitted by: Paul


It was strange and it dropped some lights,I started feeling weird and dizzy.
I believe they implanted me, please help. I NEED donation to see someone who says they can help.

Zig zag star

Date: 29/08/2018
Time: 06:35 pm
Place: Bloemfontein
Submitted by: watcher


Was looking at Mars last night at 18:35 pm. Saw what i thought was a sattelite, was moving in a straight line but then it started moving around. Like it was dodging the stars. Also it did get very bright when for a shirt period after it passed mars. I could clearly see it moving in a S manner, like turning. Watched it for about 3 mins beforw it went outa view. Any1 else saw this? Object was moving from CT towards JHB side.

Also on the 28th i saw a light flashing towards over tempe/ noordhoek side. Was unable to detemine the distance but it was low in sky. Was flashing white and maybe red lights. It was stationary in the sky for around 6 mins before slowly descending. Could be a drone, not realy sure. Was between 5 and 6:30 pm.

Shooting star – or something else??????

Date: 21/08/2018
Time: 05:50 pm
Place: Mabalingwe – Northern Province
Submitted by: Christo Heuer


Saw this strange object – what was really strange is the fact that it was moving horizontal with the earth. And the speed was quite slow – seemed to be moving at a few 100kms per hour.

We were on a game drive when my daughter saw this and took some pics with her Nikon – has anyone else seen this in the same area.

It appeared in a North West direction.

Big bright white ball of light

Date: 02/08/2018
Time: 10:30 am
Place: Kuils River, Cape Town
Submitted by: Michael


I was in my home and I was looking out of the window and I saw a big bright white ball of light in the night sky. It had no line behind it and it was bigger than a meteor or comet. I would really want to know what it is.