Midvaal – hotbed for UFO sightings?

Time and date: 12.20 Midday – 29 September 2014
Place: Meyerton – Viewed over Glen Donald
Submitted by: Mike Hollis

Travelling East south East
Object Silent
Covered +- 6 km in 20 seconds = 1000 km/hr ?
White / flat oval /size of a Cessna light aircraft
Sitting again on the stoep looking out – this object seemed to have come up from the huge open area of mealie fields on the other side of Glen Donald. I have estimated the speed but could have been a lot faster – the flight pattern was a steady climb but as it got a little higher it seemed to bob up and down slightly, and weave from side to side a little as though it was adjusting itself in flight – almost as though it was remote controlled. I lost sight of it as it went up into clouds – still not sure what this was but definitely not a plane.

The Strangest Thing

Time and date: 24th September 2014 at 10 PM
Place: Lansdowne
Submitted by: Nicole

My sister and I went outside to feed our pets when, for what seemed like a split second, a greenish blue spark lit up most of the sky. It was incredible. And it made no sound. I’ve NEVER seen anything like this! My sister was surprised as well. We both took a few steps back because the light was very bright. I started questioning whether what we just witnessed was in fact real. I looked up at the sky and the first thing I noticed was the clouds were moving very fast above our heads, it looked unnatural. And then we saw a light shining down from the clouds. That was when I knew it has to be a UFO. It was going in the direction of where we saw the green light. After a few moments it disappeared. However, the only way I can describe what I saw next is, it looked like there was an empty space remaining after the UFO disappeared. It’s so weird. I want to know what my sister and I experienced. We have a picture. It’s not very clear so I won’t add it.

Shiny object of metal – Constantia

Time and date: 1 September 2014 at ?
Place: Constantia, Cape Town
Submitted by: Elle Quinton

My friend Kathryn & I & our 2 little girls spotted a round white shiny object from our garden in Constantia today. It was very high in the sky ( higher than the planes we usually see) & at first moved at a slow & steady pace past the moon that was visible in the sky. It then appeared to stop & stayed in one position for about 10 mins before disappearing out of sight. It appeared to be made of metal & was shiny. We tried to think of all the identifiable things that it could be, but had to admit to ourselves after a while that it was pretty weird & definitely not a plane or air balloon or satellite. What is even more bizarre is that my husband, mom-in-law, kids & I saw 5 similar objects whilst gardening a few weekends ago. The front object appeared white, but 2 others were orange & 2 seemed blue in colour. We stared at them for ages as they came from the Cape Flats direction over Constantia & then disappeared quickly. They were as shiny & round in shape as the object we saw today. I wonder if anyone else could confirm either of these sightings?

Round bright light – Dundee

Time and date: the date is 4 september 2014 the time 19h30
Place: Dundee, KZN
Submitted by: Ronald

Report: i was in my backyard i looked up at the sky the moon was bright and i was watching the flashing lights of a airliner going overhead then all of a sudden i saw a round bright light out the corner of my eye it wasn’t making a noise it was a few kilometers away from the plane but going in the same direction and the same speed then it just vanished so i thought just keep watching the plane after about a minute the round ball of light showed up again this time right on top of the plane you could’nt see the planes flashing lights just the bright round ball of light which was much bigger and brighter than the planes lights it kept going at a constant speed then just vanished again then you could see the flashing lights of the airliner again i watched till the lights of the plane were out of sight and the round light never came back. This happend over the town of Dundee here in Northern Natal it would be interesting to see if any airliner pilots report such an incident on this date.

UFO sighting in Rivonia

Time and date: 8:45 on 20 June 2014
Place: Rivonia
Submitted by: Ted

I was traveling to Pretoria from Bryanston (William Nicol) in the morning at about 08:45 on the 20th of June 2014. I was doing an average speed of 80km/h because I wanted to change a cd in the radio. As soon as I am done changing the cd, I put my full attention on the road, at this point I am about 1,5km from the Rivonia off-ramp, then I notice in the sky, a shining bright oval shaped object in the sky. The object seemed to be stationary when I spotted it. I continued to observe the object and after about 8 seconds the object started to have a motion and movement. then after 17 seconds it sped off in inexplainable speeds towards the north and it disappeared in an matter of seconds.

Large Red Object – Elarduspark, Pretoria

Time and date: 12 September 2014 at ?
Place: Elarduspark, Pretoria.
Submitted by: Lucia Esterhuizen

On the early hours of 12 September 2014 @12h00 (today) my mother woke up and was standing in the bathroom. She saw a bright red light coming from the distance (approximately direction from Bronkhorspruit). The object was very big and could not be seen as a whole. The object was round with sub objects that looked like stars around. The object moved and then stood still. When standing still the stars moved but without any sound. My mother moved to another room and still saw the object clearly. This object continued coming closer to the house and went right over the house. This continued till 4h00. Did anyone see anything like this?

Fireball next to the Sun

Time and date: 23 August 2014 at ?
Place: Vredendal, Western Cape
Submitted by: Shal Black

On Saturday 23 August I saw a “fireballish” object next to the sun. We were busy unloading equipment at a venue in Vredendal when I noticed some of the people at the venue staring at the sun. I then looked up to see the strange fireball object not far from the sun. Heard no sounds. It moved at a slow pace. Anyone else see this? I think it might be a meteor, but I’m not sure…

White Dots in Square Formation – Johannesburg

Time and date: 30 August 2014 at ?
Place: Johannesburg
Submitted by: Chili

Report: I was at a friend’s braai yesterday in Observatory, Johannesburg, and attention was soon brought to the 4 mysterious white dots that seemed to be aligned in a perfect square formation. The dots seemed very very high up.
Upon further inspection, we noticed that there were more dots scattered around the square. We watched the square for about 15 minutes and noticed that the dots were slowly moving away from each other.
We soon saw that the dots had now lined up in a straight line. And a few minutes after that, they disappeared.

Anybody have any idea what it could’ve been?

UFO/Moving Stars in formation

Time and date: 25 August 2014 at 6:50 PM
Place: Cape Town
Submitted by: Jordan Vevers

I looked up as I always do & noticed a star, on further inspection I noticed it was burning different colours. It looked small and then another one joined it. They were locked in some sort of dance. I noticed that they seemed to move around in different patterns. I also noticed them get brighter, then faded slightly and started moving away into the distance. This amazed me and I was sure its military. After going inside to wait for some time to pass I came back out and this time there were more spread out and in formation. At this time I notice strange waves of light and not could feel I was been watched and it felt like I was been toyed with. They then broke formation and started to fade as if it were all in my imagination and that they become camouflaged with the normal stars behind them. At this point I was annoyed because this was def. military or an actual UFO because I see these same things have been reported all over the world they flash red, green, blue and white lights and move in a jelly fish like way.. (Bizarre) I cant believe what a nut I sound like writing this.

Round orange light – Cape Town on 09/08/14

Time and date: 9 August 2014 at 20:15
Place: Cape Town.
Submitted by: Zenise Law

At approximately 20:15 I saw a round orange light moving across the sky and then just disappear. From Constantia area towards Table Mountain. It did not move straight, and it was not going very fast, it is almost like it made an angled L shape in the way it changed direction. Orange ball with yellow light around it.