UFO Sighting over Morningside Durban

Time and date: 9 November 2014 at 7:45 PM
Place: Morningside, Durban
Submitted by: Max

I am extremely sure I saw a UFO at 7:45pm on the 9th November over Morningside in Durban. I was standing on my balcony looking towards the sea and then I spotted this object moving. There was no sound but the object was a bright round light, it was slowly ascending into the sky and then suddenly disappeared. I’m hoping surrounding residents saw it too. Unfortunately I was too flabbergasted to take a photo and it all happened so quickly. I was amazed!

Orange round light – Gordon’s Bay

Time and date: 29 October 2014 at around 20h10
Place: Gordon’s Bay
Submitted by: Anton

Orange round light coming from direction Strand toward Gordon’s Bay at low cloud level, toward and directly above me. No sound, no strobes, constant orange light/ball, height estimate around 900m/cloud level, moving and slowing, speed no where near supersonic estimate 400kph? slowing to 150kph then disapearing behind clouds, total view time around 2 mins.

Bright lights and scars

Time and date: 5 August 2014 at 1 AM
Place: ?
Submitted by: Anonymous

Around the 5th of August 2014 I was standing on the balcony of my apartment at around 1 am. I saw bright lights move in what I can describe as spiraling up and down before disappearing. Not long after, I started waking up with scars on my body without knowing how they got there (cuts on my chest and hands). 2 weeks later I was standing on the balcony again in the early hours of the morning when a beam of light shone from what seemed like empty space for 2-3 seconds before disappearing. 1 week later I was walking to my car at midnight outside my apartment once again when a bright light flew overhead and lit up the night sky before also disappearing in an instant. The next time I saw something was at 9 PM in early September, it was a weird light that remained stationary in the sky, I called my girlfriend to come and see it, she disregarded it almost immediately as a star but when I went outside again 10 minutes later it was gone. All the lights mentioned were a combination of white and blue and green and blue. I haven’t seen anything since then but still have the scars.

Aircraft with oddly coloured lights

Time and date: 28 October 2014 at 11 PM
Place: Parklands, Tableview, Cape Town
Submitted by: Mischa du Toit

I was standing outside and just light up a good night cigarette when I heard something that sounded like a powerful jet that was moving faster than sound, because i heard the sound dragging behind the aircraft’s speed and it was way too big to be a jet and was pretty low, and i don’t stay near to an airport at all. My sighting was around 11 pm on tuesday night in parklands, tabelview, Cape Town, South Africa. The aircraft was at least as long as a jumbo public flight aircraft and had a quite a lot of oddly coloured lights and while I watched it time felt like it flew by really fast because I felt like it was only there for 2 minutes but my whole cigarette burnt out before I could smoke it.

UFO captured accidentally while using burst photo function

ufo captured cape town

Time and date: 18 October 2014 at ?
Place: Cape Town
Submitted by: Anon and Shawn

A friend captured this on 18 October 2014, Cape Town. GPS Coordinates: S 33 deg 45.555 min E 18 deg 33.224 min. This was taken using photo burst function trying to capture the motorbike jump, instead he captured a unidentified flying object. The photos are included below: Continue Reading…

Metal, Triangular-Shaped Craft Emitting Lighting-Like Beams

Time and date: 12 October 2014 at 8 PM
Place: Between Vaalkop and Bakkrans
Submitted by: Anita de Lange

On Sunday evening, around 8pm, my brother phoned us to go outside and look at the sky – to hear if we saw what him and his weekend guests and farm workers were all seeing: a big triangular white metal shape with maling multi-coloured lights hovering above the area between the Vaalkop and Bakkrans. He said the object was bigger than the largest star, smaller than the moon and very bright in the sky. It was making no noise, and expelled lightning like light beams down to the ground. It was too high and too big to be a helicopter. It was slowly rising in the sky. Unfortunately we could not see anything as our farmhouse (about 10km from my brother’s as the crow flies, with the Vaalkop in between) are between mountains and high trees. Continue Reading…