UFO Over Alberton, Gauteng

While walking home in Alberton, Gauteng I heard a strange noise that seemed to be all around me. Hard to explain. It was like a very low deep buzz sound, but not very loud at all.

It was maybe an hour or two after sundown. I looked up and saw a triangle looking thing in the air just hovering above about a kilometer away. It stayed there for about a minute then moved up quickly and shot off to the East. It moved so fast and made no sound other than the light buzz of what seemed to be inside me. It was truly amazing. Continue Reading…

Moving light in Cape Town City

Time and date: 29 November 2014 at 12:34 AM
Place: Cape Town
Submitted by: Beau

On the evening of the 28 November me and my partner were sitting on the balcony of a loft at the Cape Town Lodge Hotel around 12:34am (basically the 29th November then). We at first thought it was a satellite moving among the stars but noticed a very strange behaviour and movement pattern of the red/amber light as it went at a medium pace from right to left. The movement was not only in a straight line but went up, down, made a few turns here and there and eventually vanished after more than 10 seconds of observing this light. It was visible to us as we were on the 15th floor looking over most of the city buildings. The light was not flashing or indicating different colours but remained a single colour for the duration. I have seen plenty of satellites and shooting stars in the Karoo, therefore I know it was not either. It was not only me who saw this, but my partner as well. I have told a few people about this to ask for their opinion as I have not seen anything like this. My only answer to this so far is a sighting of a Nephilim.

Black Objects in Klerksdorp

Time and date: 26 November 2014 at 2 PM
Submitted by: Ettienne
Place: Klerksdorp

We had lunch break it was about 2pm when a few workers and I spotted these black objects in the sky. At first I thought that it was birds or a plane, but only to find out that the speed of this was way to quick a flew in motions that was impossible for any known air craft. These objects occured in the clouds and skies for almost 10 minutes if not more… At a time I managed to take over 20 pictures of these ufo’s or flying objects. The best of them all was when I got 6 air crafts in 1 shot wich blew me and my co workers away!!!!! No sounds at all. What was interesting, is that these objects seemed to have a bright glow around them in the naked eye as well as on picture.

UPDATE 20 December 2014: Photos are now available. Please see below Continue Reading…

Anomalous Light, Pietermaritzburg – 22/11/2014 19:56

On the 22nd of November 2014 at approximately 19:56 an anomalous light was observed over Pietermaritzburg. The light, when first noticed, was traveling in a northerly direction but changed direction and began heading south-eastwards. The sighting lasted less than ten minutes before the object faded into the low level clouds. The light was an incandescent orange colour which did not pulsate or blink as one would expect an of airplane.

Weather conditions at the time of the sighting were overcast, with lighting observed on the western horizon. According to South African Weather Service merged radar/satellite charts, general wind direction was south-easterly throughout the low, mid and upper levels of the troposphere with wind speeds exceeding 15 knots in the midlevels.

Chinese lanterns have been ruled out as a possible explanation as the object moved in directions that do not match with the general wind speed or direction. Autokinesis and satellites have been ruled out as the sky was fully overcast with no stars visible.

UFO over Strijdom Park, Randburg before storm 19/11/2014

Time and date: 19 November 2014 at 13:00
Place: Strijdom Park, Randburg
Submitted by: Kunal Deepnarain

UFO sighted by myself and receptionist over Strijdom Park Randburg at about 13:00 just before a minor storm. The object was black in colour and small, it moved very fast in a direction that no plane or aircraft could move. It didnt make any sound as the area that i was in is fairly noisy with traffic. The craft left a white line in the sky, i image this not as smoke but a trail of cloud. It moved really fast. This sighting lasted between 7 and 10 seconds only. i know that this was no small plane, no pilot would have been up in the air with that storm brewing like it did. If anyone else saw this they would understand that these things are real and police and government will deny the existence of life on other planets.

Space craft landing in sight

My name is Arnold and i have seen an UFO land/crash near my village @ Limpopo Polokwane. It had really bright lights and it had no sound but it was moving fast when i saw it land. The next day i went to look for it and i found it in one piece and its still there, but i never had anyone to tell about my discovery and i never told anyone about it because i knew if i told anyone about this they might think I’m crazy. I kept it a secret up untill this day. I hope my information is helpful to you.

Black objects in cloudy sky

black object in cloudy sky

Time and date: 17 November 2014 at 13:30
Place: Johannesburg
Submitted by: Amanda Coetzee

On 17 November 2014 at about 13:30pm, the gardener called us to look at the sky. At first we saw two larger black objects with a lot of smaller objects around them. There were about 30 smaller objects. They were black and didn’t make any noise. They were moving very slowly. When I wanted to take a picture, all of a sudden the smaller dots disappeared leaving the 2 bigger objects behind. I took a video and pictures. When you zoom in, you can see a white circle around them. Continue Reading…

UFO Sighting in Rosetta, KZN Midlands

Time and date: 9 November 2014 at 7:45 PM
Place: Rosetta, KZN
Submitted by: Zette Hardie

I’ve been ragged about this but defo saw something at 7:45pm on Sunday, November 9th, 2014 as well. We live inland….Rosetta, between Nottingham Road and Mooiriver if you know the area at all? Anyway, was a beautiful evening and we were sitting in the jacuzzi when I first, saw this light. Way too big to be an aircraft and flying/moving in a spot where no regular object could or would go. Was very very bright and moved horizontally from North to South, situated in the NE area. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it……mind boggling. My husband and 13 year old son saw it too and needless to say we were all three stone-cold sober and not “smoking” anything as I’ve been asked!! PS….. not the first time I’ve seen these in our area either.

Weltevreden – Drone or something else?

Time and date: 10 November 2014 at 7 AM
Place: Weltevreden
Submitted by: Nicole

On Monday morning (10 Nov 2014) at around 7am I saw something above the intersection of J.G. Strydom and Cornelius. It was a few metres above the streetlights and I assumed it was a balloon or kite although it was moving very slowly and steadily towards me.

When I stopped at the light I was still watching it and it turned and started moving away over the residential area towards Hillfox. I pulled into palm court parking to try and record it on my phone but by that time it was already too far away. It moved slowly but at a consistent speed and height. Continue Reading…