Shiny Disc Object

Date: 07/06/2018
Time: 11:01 am
Place: N12 Elandsfontein – on way to Alberton
Submitted by: Anonymous


Was on the highway and noticed a disc shaped object (as it turned it in the air i saw light reflect off metal surface) cut across from left to right side. What made it all strange was that there was an aeroplane just above it in the sky. The day was perfect blue sky day with no clouds. The object suddenly stopped in mid air and was static. I thought it could be a drone but it wasn’t. While on the highway (i couldn’t stop) took a photo and video (which already was a dangerous move). You will see the moon and if you zoom in you will see a TINY white spot. When i first saw it it didn’t look this small (think the it came out smaller in photo).

Moving Stars over Roodepoort

Date: 04/06/2018
Time: 09:00 pm
Place: Roodepoort West
Submitted by:


Im a educated professional but this blew my mind. It started a few weeks ago for me. I’ve been tracking an orange star that disappearshe just as quickly as it appears. On Monday evening after putting my little one to bed I looked out my window and saw one big bright “star” flickering a lot more that an other star in the sky.(opposite direction of the orange 8th I usually track) Watched it for a while, as I closed the curtain it caught my attention when it moved up, back and and forth then down. Thought it was my imagination. But then suddenly the sky was filled with stars. Then i realised they were moving in unison. They don’t all flicker at once but when they did I saw they formed an arc shape that looked like it was hovering by movement in relation they hey each other. Soon after that there was a streak of light (looks like a shooting star but going upward direction) Very weird. No noise, no aeroplanes, no birds. It was silent. If anyone is out in that area please just watch the big stars…… just watch what they do.

Falling object – V-shaped white plume

Date: 05/06/2018
Time: 09:45 am
Place: North of Johannesburg
Submitted by: Dee


I saw something fall vertically leaving two white trails or plumes in a V-shape behind it. It fell from very high up and the trails were crystal clear – the one on the left seemed a little fainter but still very clear. No noise and it was quite small so it could have been really far away (ie the trails were only about 2.5cm long when seen against the sky). It fell steadily, quite quickly and absolutely vertically. I watched it fall for a few minutes until a building obscured my view – there was no crash or noise or flames or smoke so I don’t know if it landed or if it was indeed too far away to hear/see.

UFO Seen in boksburg

Date: 02/06/2018
Time: 07:19 pm
Place: Boksburg -26.236488, 28.295545
Submitted by: Andrew


Saw a ufo by M43
Leeuwpoort 113-Ir, Boksburg, 1459
-26.236488, 28.295545
near Engen van dyk park service station

Bright object white in colour passing by very fast in the sky. Not mistaking it for a star, flying roughly same or high altitude as a normal plane but 4x to 5x times faster.

Lights by Devils Peak was awesome

Date: 25/05/2018
Time: 06:30 am
Place: on N2 M3 turnoff
Submitted by: Johan


Started with one light, became 4 to 5 lights, bright white then dimmer. More zigzag vertically. Then a horizontal line of lights,slowly flickering,like falling domino effect. Straight line. On the way back home I looked again at the same spot and what I initially thought is that it was on the mountain because it was dark still. I think this happened in between the two mountains…. Anyone witnessed? A reasonable explanation or was it a sighting..!?

Rocket seen over Norkem Park

Date: 20/05/2018
Time: 08:12 pm
Place: Norkem Park, Johannesburg
Submitted by: Anonymous


I saw a silent elongated object with fire shooting out of the back of it. At first we thought it was a shooting star but it was flying too low and was clearly rocket propelled and light was bouncing off of it. It moved very quicky and the red and yellow “fire” behind it was about the length of the object itself.