3 ufo’s divrent dates

Date: 14/07/2016
Time: 09:46 pm
Place: Uvongo , Kwazulunataal.
Submitted by: Eugene


There are 3ufo’s divrent dates and divrent times at night.

This hapend in Uvongo, kzn , south africa

1st one i saw whas 2015 desember 27 at 22:43. From the stoop i can c on the sea a red light it moved xtreamly fast over the sea and it whent back in a few sec it was gone. There whas no sound onely it moving extreamly fast and its round shape .

2nd one i saw was 2016/4/13 at 22:15. I whas siting on the stoep and whatching the stars after 30 min i saw white light in space going straigt for a star with a fast spead when it got close to the star it moved exteamly fast at 90° left and fas forward and again 90° right and after that he moved so fast in a vew sec he whas gone.

3d one whas 4june 2016 at 21:50. Whas looking at stars and the same ufo ship as last one i saw fly as vast as the previos one i saw. This one whent all the way straight close to a star and went 30 – 40° left and ehent on.

The speeds this ufos moves is not planes or space ships they move so vast.

This whas my fist of them all. Hapend in Orkney ,nw , south africa.

The firs huge uvo i saw whas in 2005 it whas at knight me, my parents , my brother braaid . So it whas around 22:00 . I will never forget it i can still c it clear and think of that every day. It whas litle bid cloudy but at that time i saw huge brigt lights turning . This i realise it is a uvo it whad bigger than half the town and it whas on one place for 20 min then it whas gone the lights whas standing still with the ufo ship and the botom peace of ufo turning. The botom peace that turns go over the lights and the gap betwean them is light then body then light. But if i can draw perfect i would draw that ufo like i saw it. The same one whas a few days after that on a other place where i worked in a field at night.

Meteor burn up. ??

Date: 26/09/2016
Time: 09:30 pm
Place: Rosetta, Near Mooi River KZN
Submitted by: Anon


At first I thought I was seeing a shooting star but realized the object was moving much slower and was a much larger than any shooting star I have ever seen.
It seemed to be traveling in a horizontal plane. It looked like a fire ball burning with colours of green and red with a very long thick white tail. I wondered if it could have been part of a meteorite that was busy burning out. I did not hear a noise but it looked like a huge fiery rugby ball in the sky. So large, I almost felt I could teach up and touch it. It lasted a good 5 seconds. I looked away in disbelief only to see it burning a different colour when I looked back at it, then it just seemed to disintegrate above the farmland across the way from our home. Unfortunately I did not manage to capture it on camera.

Red ufo green lights around base seen over the north of jhb

Date: 24/09/2016
Time: 06:30 pm
Place: From Melville Jhb
Submitted by: Lee


Circular red ufo with green lights around base. Travelling extremely rapidly both horizontally and vertically before vanishing upward in a second.
Travelling home with my two daughters, one of them saw it first, then the other one and I saw it simultaneously.
We got out the car to watch from the hill over which we were driving in Melville. looking north to Pta.

Bright light over Helderberg

Date: 13/09/2016
Time: 07:10 am
Place: From Strand in direction of Stellenbosch
Submitted by: Francois


An extremely bright light over the mountain moving away from Strand. I looked at the road and back a few times and kept seeing it but with one glance it just wasn’t there anymore. It wasn’t close to the mountains to have disappeared behind it and wasn’t far enough to have gone too far to see. No way that bright light would just go out of sight or reach. Hope anybody can confirm this.

5 Big black and 60+ smaller objects in the sky over Bellville

Date: 09/09/2016
Time: 03:14 pm
Place: Bellville South Africa
Submitted by: Ferreira


At the time we saw these objects in the sky, there were very dark rain clouds coming over Bellville. There were 5 black lager objects moving with the clouds and also about 60 or more much smaller objects moving in formation with these 5 objects. It looked like black balloons but kept on flipping from side to side 180deg. I took a few pics with my cell phone

Light in sky in krugerdorp

Date: 09/09/2016
Time: 07:20 pm
Place: wilro park/ roodekrans
Submitted by: Fred


Was having a smoke and looked westwards and saw what looked like Venus about 10 to 15 degrees above horizon, quite red then it got brighter to blue white and out shone any star visible. It was stationary and then went to red and faded to almost nothing, then went to blue white again. Ran inside to get my phone and camera, battery flat on camera, phone blocked out by street lights, sadly could not photograph it.

phoned my mate who lives about 5 km away and asked him if he would like to see a ufo. gave him the general direction and he went out with binoculars and saw it as well.

So we were on our cell phones at the same time and when this thing faded from my view, he could clearly see it and visa versa. this carried on for about 5 minutes. It then disappeared, however I stayed outside and it reappeared, I phoned him again and he saw it again.

I then took a compass and triangulated it on google maps from my house and got his bearings as well. it was over factoria in krugersdorp or further, between 6 to 9 km away. I estimated it to be at about 500 to 700 meters high in the sky. It lasted for about 7 to 10 minutes in the same position in the sky.

So either somebody has a really fancy drone, with some serious lights on it or this was a ufo. It was not a Chinese lantern, I have seen many of those. A few minutes later a jet flew into lanseria airport on approach from the south with its landing lights on, and this thing was much brighter than that.

Can a drones lights be that intense and last that long at that distance, dont know?

20:55 to 21:01

Date: 05/09/2016
Time: 08:55 pm
Place: Parow North
Submitted by: Albert


Cant describe what just happened, standing outside looked at the sky saw a bright star flash and then disappeared. looked down and realised stars do not disappear. looked back and saw a much lighter small star moving in a straight line thought a shooting star. Then moved in a circle fast and wide, not a shooting star, then straight line and other shapes, and stopping, all round that general section of the sky. Then nothing seen for 2 min again a flash like a bright star and over ???

Symbol by roadside

Date: 23/06/2016
Time: 10:06 am
Place: Between Graaff Reinet and Pearston road
Submitted by: Anton


No craft sighted. Only a strange symbol was found next to the road. The previous day no activity took place in that area. On the 23rd of June I drove on thatbroad to conduct inspections on any impacts on the site (I am the environmental officer). At km 27.5 on route to Pearston I noticed something next to the road. I drove back suspecting a spill. However I noticed the strange symbol/ design next to road. It had been seemingly drawn. On closer inspection I noticed no scratch marks in the soil. The pebbles (dark areas in picture provided) had been moved aside without disturbing the soil. I took a few photos but never reported it as I didn’t find it important.

I am unsure if it’s designed and made by man or others. So it is open for debate.

strange object hovering over Joburg north

Date: 08/08/2016
Time: 05:15 pm
Place: Northern subburbs of Johannesburg
Submitted by: anonymous


While at the park with a friends kids I noticed an object in the sky that I cannot identify. it was really high..like so high it was just an orange dot..It wasn’t the sun;-). It sat in one place for about 15 minutes before heading south maintaining its altitude and eventually fading out of sight. I tried to record but my phone could not pick it up or zoom in to actually see it. Clear blue sky’s and the sun was just starting to go down. Maybe the suns rays where making it look orange..regardless there was still something there way above the height a plane can go that’s for sure. It was really weird.

stragne craft

Date: 16/07/2016
Time: 06:15 am
Place: Pretoria
Submitted by:


I walk to work everyday since I only stay 3km from work. On Saturday Morning as I was walking to work I heard the sound similar to a fighter jet flying high and fast so I looked up to try and see the jet wondering why it would fly over a residential area so early in the morning. What I saw was a craft flying roughly 100 meter above the ground with two bright yellow lights shinning forwards Similar to search lights on some Helicopters which I found very strange. Why would a jet need search lights. There where also no warning lights flashing on the tip of the wings like most planes. The craft was pitch black and since it was still dark out I couldn’t really tell the exact size of it except when it moved in front of stars and clouds. I also wouldn’t have been able to see it if not for the search lights in the front and the light shining out of what I’m assuming where windows or port holes. these where square in and situated above the from lights and on the sides near the front. By looking at the back drop as the craft moved infront of clouds it appeared that there might be small wings on either side however the wings should have been too small to be able to create any form of lift especially for a craft that’s moving so slow (roughly the speed I was walking at). If I had to guess at the size of the craft I would have to say it was probably 10 meter in length by 7 or 8 meter wide.
The craft came over tree tops from my left side and as soon as I spotted the craft it turned towards me at this point it was probably 500 meter in front of me and moved to about 200 meters from me it hovered there for probably 5 min and moved off again. I found this very disturbing since it kept making the sound of a fighter jet but the sound didn’t match the movement nor the height. This made me think that the sound was probably only there to mask it’s presence. This experience gave me an eerie feeling since the sound, movement, altitude, and shape didn’t match each other. This also reminded me of a similar experience I had as a child while playing on a farm in Pyramid near Pretoria.