Flash expands and shrinks 5 times

Date: 06/07/2016
Time: 10:05 pm
Place: Copperas Cove Tx S/SW Sky
Submitted by: Ronnie


S/SW SKY ABOUT 20°. July 6 2016 10:05pm, watering a bush in my yard looking down a flash from above caught my eye. Looked up saw nothing. Only an empty patch of sky. Figured a porch light in the distance had glared off my glasses. Continued watering. About 1 minute later exact same thing happened again. So I put the hose down and just stared into the clear patch of sky. Within about 1 minute a pinpoint of light appeared out of nowhere immediatly expanded to about the size of a small dinner plate and then shrank back out to nothing. I was completely floored. I immediatly texted my wife to come outside. I turned on my phone video and pointed it in that direction and waited. Within about a minute it happened again. Once again I was completely floored. I continued recording although I couldn’t be sure if I was catching the right area with my phone the scree was just black. Within about 1 more minute it happened again for the last time just before my wife arrived. I continued recording a few more minutes but nothing happened. It had an orange tint. It appeared in the same place as far as I could tell. It was not travelling at all and appeared extremely rigid in place. It didn’t cast any light down. It appeared out of empty sky as a pinpoint of light expanded, shrank to nothing in less than 2 seconds. There seemed to be a slight pause between it appearing as a ipinpoint and then beginning to expand. To me it at full size it resembled the lens of one of those stage lights that hang above a theatre stage and have a circular pattern in the lens. There was no sound. There were no clouds and the sky around and behind it was very clear. It was not a planet, or a irridium flare, helicopter, drone or anything else like that. IT WASN,T. IT WAS STATIONARY. IT APPEARED IN THE SAME PLACE 5 TIMES IN ABOUT 5 MINUTES. IT LOOKED EXACTLY THE SAME ALL 3 TIME I WiAS IT DIRECTLY. IT EXPANDE TO A SIZE MUCH GREATER THAN ANY OTHER OBJECT IVE EVER SEEN IN THE NIGHT SKY EXCEPT THE MOON. IT MADE NO SOUND. IT CAST NO LIGHT ON THE GROUND. IN MY JUDGMENT IT WAS WAY UP OR OUT THERE. THE SKY WAS CLEAR ALL AROUND IT. I COULD CLEARLY SEE THERE WAS NOTHING ANYWHERE IN THAT PATCH OF SKY..My video captured only one small instantaneous blip. Nothing like what actually appeared. No one else in my area ever reported seeing it as far as I know. I would have thought many people would have seen it as well. I want to know that someone else saw it too as I am begining to question my own recollection even though my video proves something did appear. Thanks for reading this….

Alien meetings and Connections

Date: 04/04/2017
Time: 02:33 am
Place: 76 Radebe Section Katlehong Johannesburg
Submitted by: Bongani


There was a Helicopter sound like…as I was coming from the Grounds walking home midnight….i noticed a Huge Triangle flying object…it had Wow colours….mostly Pink,Yellow,Blue and Red….the Object was hovering in the air as a Boy named Siphamandla Radebe made contact…he kneel on the Ground under the object…stairs like came down and the noise got weird….I saw 3 Alien like beings….about 9m Tall….Wearing Shiny things as they wer clear at night…i did not see their faces but I did notice the Boy Siphamandla gave them something….as soon as they had it….the tallest man with a different suit touched him on his head as he was kneeling down….as if he was being babtised….seconds later a green light shines around the Triangle like ship….they went back in and around 3am in the morning….Siphamandla gave the beings What looked like Fruits and vegetables….i wrote to you because this experience has scared me…..and what Is horrifyingly interesting is that…it is said that the boy claims he is from Mars….he claimed to have Knowledge regarding the Sphinx and the Pyramids…the boy says South Africa is a Station of sort….he tells unknown stories about unknown civilizations and ancient wars as if he was there….today i didn’t just not only go to sleep but I think I find what the world is looking for…..The truth….there are people who are in contact with people from out of space yet we do not know any of that….i would be very happy to tell u the story in person or maybe u can talk to The Boy yourself….a Human being with no Feelings?…Never Sleeps?…Always Drawing and never leaves his house….i think I see too much smoke in my experience but what I do know is that wer there is smoke….there is fire…..my contact number is 0746554097….reply very soon please….there are no pictures taken….shockingly because my phone was on but jammed as I was watching…as the ship nearly touch the ground….my phone went off….Everything went off even street lights…it myt have been caused by the ship….Siphamandla always Sits up at night some say counting the stars while his earthly friends say he can resite the true names of the stars….Truth is indeed stranger than fiction

UFO spotted in Jeffrey’s Bay

Date: 13/12/2016
Time: 11:29 pm
Place: Jeffrey's Bay
Submitted by:


The NSRI in Port Elizabeth were requested by Air Traffic Control to investigate the sighting of an unidentified flying object on Monday night.

A Boeing 737 cargo aircraft Captain and Co-Pilot, flying from Cape Town International Airport to Port Elizabeth International Airport, reported seeing what appeared to be a green object increasing in altitude past the cockpit of their aeroplane reaching to about a thousand feet into clouds above them and then returning towards earth at high speed past the cockpit of the aeroplane.

The sighting was reported to Air Traffic Control at Port Elizabeth International Airport who requested NSRI’s assistance to investigate the possibility that an aircraft or craft may be in difficulty.

NSRI Jeffrey’s Bay were alerted and although the matter was monitored throughout the night the green object has not been seen since and there are no reports of anyone, or craft or aircraft overdue or missing.

The incident occurred approximately 10 nautical miles off-shore of Jeffreys Bay and 3000 feet in the sky (1000 meters) – at first thinking this to perhaps be a 1000 foot green parachute flare but that was discounted as a 1000 foot parachute flare (or 300 meters) cannot reach that height.

No further reports of sightings have been received and the incident remains a mystery.

Issued by NSRI

row of moving red and white lights

Date: 17/03/2017
Time: 09:00 pm
Place: Karatara
Submitted by: Anthony schacht


saw a single red light moving strangely growing bigger and smaller and changing colour from red to white and sometimes yellow. we watched it for about 30min when it exploded in to a row of 7 to 9 white lights with no sound about 70m away from me and my wife then every one just disappeared

Flying object

Date: 03/03/2017
Time: 10:00 pm
Place: Vanderbijlpark
Submitted by: Mari


Saw object in sky standing still with red light then my husband saw it moving , slow and low with red light flash and then 2 white lights flashing horizontal and then its gone

Bright Fiery Orange Light Cast Over Our Yard

Date: 01/03/2017
Time: 09:26 pm
Place: Heathfield, Cape Town
Submitted by: Candice


I was watching tv, our tv is positioned between the glass doors and windows overlooking the pool area. I dropped my head for 3 seconds to check my phone and when I looked up I saw this “Bright Fiery Orange Light” cast across the entire pool area of 20m x 12m with 2.2m hight boundary walls. I was looking out in an easterly direction across our neighbouring area “Sunbury Estate” with table mountain at my back. I immediately stood up thinking it must be a huge huge fire judging from the intense firey brightness. In shock I called out to my partner but within 2 seconds it dissapeared in a flash. This light was concentrated only over our pool area and very distinct. I was in such shock and could not act in time to take a photo with my phone.
If anyone experienced this ” Bright Fiery Orange Light” let me know. Thank you.

round ,red and glowing light

Date: 21/01/2017
Time: 07:45 pm
Place: Westville
Submitted by:


we were out in our balcony at 7 pm when we saw a red glowing light in round shape on the sky it was coming down and it was a single without any sound,,then after sunset 7.30 pm I saw the same light again on the sky,but this time there were two lights coming down and they disappeared behind the trees.
I couldnt take the photographs.

Warning urgent

Date: 01/01/2017
Time: 12:12 pm
Place: South Africa
Submitted by: Anonymous


The will be a fake invasion created by the CIA but was planned already since the 40,s and the plan on making all believe they are trying to kill us all but its a lie instead they are trying to make us believe that so that gives them allowance to set up world military to start a galactic war and the aliens are no threat in fact they been here for millions of years and we all still here and Ronald Reagon wanted to tell the world how nice the real extraterrestrial beings are and he was killed so that’s why things are in the dark and as I said the CIA already had developed advanced technology similar to the real aliens and now the CIA wants to make a fake invasion to start a galactic war!!!!!