UFO at high speed over Sandton City

Time and date: 14 November 2015 at 19:37
Place: Sandton City
Submitted by: Jayden

My father and I were driving in the car, he was on the phone with his girlfriend and I saw a strange light so I pointed without saying anything and he started getting worked up and exited because as he look up we saw an orange orb with no flashing lights so it couldn’t of been a plane. It was travelling about 10 times faster than a jet. This was in sandton city at 19:37 it was circular.

Big flashing orange object in Roodepoort

Time and date: 10 November 2015 at 10 PM
Place: Wilropark, Roodepoort
Submitted by: lizke

Last night at around 10pm I went to check if my front door was locked and to my surprise a huge orange and white object was flickering in the sky.
It moved around in circles and the flickering went on for about 10min. It stopped flickering and then a dim light was present and then it disappeared.

Meteor Over Port Elizabeth – November 2015

Time and date: 8 November 2015 at 20h30
Place: Port Elizabeth
Submitted by: Sabata Mnyakana

It was the 8th November 2015 at around 20h30, my wife and I were walking from my parents house in Kwamagxaki, Port Elizabeth when suddenly we saw a trial of light in the sky. It looked like someone was playing with fireworks and one of them flew over our heads from behind. I looked back checking to see who was playing with fireworks but there wasn’t anyone. I took no real note of it. Two days later I hear of meteor which landed somewhere in the Kouga Municipality which is 20 to 30 minute drive from where my parents stay and of people all over PE seeing the same trail of light in the sky that we saw and linking it to the meteor.

Bright light in Hilton

Time and date: 31 October 2015 at ?
Place: Hilton, KZN
Submitted by: Kelso

Saturday night I was in Hilton overlooking the PMB area when my eye was drawn to a sudden white light that presented itself in the night sky. My initial impression was that it was an airplane and i was catching its “headlight” beam. However there was no accompanying flashing lights as one normally sees. This light rose quickly but steadily into the night sky progressively becoming dimmer as it started moving away towards the horizon. What made me really curious was at the same time on the horizon I noticed a aircraft moving from east to west. The time it took for the identified aircraft to move a quarter of the sky the other object had progressed almost beyond the horizon. So the object was most definitely moving faster than a normal passenger jet at I would guess at least 3-5x the normal rate. Another suspicion was that it was a meteorite of some sought but the change in direction and not signs of trail behind object made me suspicious. Anyways I thought I would share as I was unable to logically conclude what it was.

UFO in Pretoria at sunrise (with photos)

Time and date: 13 October 2015 at ?
Place: Pretoria
Submitted by: Syndrome

It was a Tuesday morning, on the 13th of October. We were on our way to the hospital. It was such a beautiful, sunlit horizon, that I decided to take pictures of it. I only took a look at the pictures days/weeks later, and realizing that I had inadvertently snapped images of some kind of flying object.

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Flashing Stars in Ballito, KZN

Time and date: 4 November 2015 at 19:20 to 19:25
Place: Ballito
Submitted by: Marcel

We have been witnessing these strange sightings numerous times. On 04/11/2015 it happened again. Apart from the occasional satellites orbiting the nightsky we saw a flash a pause (4 to 5 secs) another flash pause flash again. Maybe 5 to 6 flashes. It is brighter than a star and is the same size as a star relatively speaking. It happens around the same time evenings at around 19:20 to 19:25. It can be seen in a east to south easterly direction close to the milkyway. Don’t know if it is a coincidence but on this occasion the flashes appeared when there was a satellite passing in the same vicinity. Anyone got ideas or know what it is? Next time will try to film it.

Disk UFO Sighting Newlands, CPT

Time and date: 7 November 2015 at 9 PM
Place: Newlands
Submitted by: Kelly

At something past 9pm on Saturday November 7th 2015, I was driving home to Sea Point and took the highway going past exit 6 to Newlands and just where the road forks from exit 6 above the trees I was a huge disk (wider than the 3 lane road I was on) only just visible in the grey clouds flashing green blue and red lights around it hovering just a few meters above the traffic not moving at all – I took 3 looks just to be sure I knew what I was seeing … if it weren’t for the lights I probably wouldn’t have seen it – it was not a plane or cars or reflections on my windscreen! Has anybody else seen it? Since I was driving fast I was unable to take a pic.. 🙁

UFO Sighting Sedgefield, Western Cape

Time and date: 5 November 2015 at 12:50 AM
Place: Sedgefield
Submitted by: Monica

Hi There, I’ve been racking my brain as to what it was i actually saw out on my veranda ( just on the outskirts of Sedgefield (between Knysna and George, Western Cape) on The Garden Route at approx. 12:50am on 05.Nov 2015 early Thursday morning! Damn my heart almost jumped out of my throat and i wasn’t sure wether i should run inside… Well here goes i was sitting out having a peaceful ciggie looking up at the crystal clear starry sky, when this huge massive light passes over the whole sky and turns it into day.. WoW!! Well i thought i was gonna have a heart attack rite then and there… within seconds the whole sky was an illuminous white cloud of light as bright as day, reaching into the horizon (one perfect oval form) and the edges of it a powdery blue! This must have been for about 10-20 seconds and poooof its back to a dark starry clear sky! So now i would like to know if anyone else witnessed this amazing UFO spectacle??!! I’m so thrilled to have googled it now and found out that NASA Space Station captured it as well!! This is why i’m only posting this now cause i was doubting myself there for a while as to what i actually saw. There must be other witnesses on The Garden Route and maybe the rest of SA, because it was massively HUGE, who saw this as well?! It would be Awesome to know who else saw this happen and if anyone got pic’s?..which i doubt cause it happened super fast. I had to share 🙂

Group of UFOs over Muldersdrift

Time and date: 31 Oct 2015 at 9:39pm
Place: Muldersdrift
Submitted by: Peter Daniel

Sitting around a fire 3 friends and I saw a group of about 35 glowing objects move slowly over us from horizon to horizon, they can from the north, and at first we thought it was a meteor shower, but the small white glowing objects where just bellow the clouds maintaining a constant speed towards the south, moving directly overhead. They were about the size of a bright star, and moved in formation, with 2 of the object coming from behind and catching up to the main group. There was no sound but the brightness of each spherical spot was constant. The speed appeared about as fast as a light aircraft, but no flashing lights or colour to the light, they were all uniformly bright white from all angles seen. I tried to take a movie, but my iphone sucks at night filming, so I got a few pics with it, again not great quality tho.

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Lights over Durban

Time and date: 2nd November 2015 +- 2;30 am-3;35 am
Place: Durban
Submitted by: Brendan

Bright lights hovering in the sky over Durban did no seem to be moving from were i stay in queensburgh but seemed as they were going on and off almost as if dissapering and coming back there were 2 that is for sure and seemed to be a short distance from 1 another