Sighting Roodekrans, South Africa

ufo sighting roodekrans

Time and date: Saturday 21st December at 8:30pm
Place: Roodekrans
Submitted by: Katie Fourie

Just wanted to share this. We saw what we believe was a UFO in the sky last night. It was very low bright orange dazzly like a star but very low in the sky below the clouds, 4 times brighter than Venus which is the brightest star at the moment in the sky. We watched it come from West moving across to East on the same height, making no noise at all. It was controlled and not a Chinese lantern floating. It actually flew across the sky from West to East. Continue Reading…

Red Orb out at sea over Camps Bay

Time and date: On the 17th of December 2013 around 8 PM.
Place: Camps Bay
Submitted by: Douglas

I was standing outside and noticed this red orb close to the evening star. This orb was pulsing similar to a star, but as I was watching – this red orb stared moving from right to left at a left upper (30 degree angle moved in this direction for about 20 sec, then stopped. After about 10 seconds it started moving down till it was out of sight…

UFO sighting in Ramsgate

Time and date: 18 December 2013 at 9:30 PM
Place: Ramsgate
Submitted by: Simon

I live in Ramsgate Kzn, just south of Margate, and I happened to glance out of the window at about 9:30 pm on 18th December 2013 and saw a strange looking light pass through the sky over the roof of our house, it appeared to be two lights stuck together, orange and yellow, one larger than the other. I lost sight of it, and so raced outside and it was heading out to sea, and disappeared into the dark clouds over the sea. Continue Reading…

Rainbow lights through the clouds

Submitted by: Jessica
Place: Johannesburg
Time and place: 14 December 2013 at 19:11

We were at Wits faculty of Medical Science and watched as clouds rolled in within 8 min (we took photos). The lightning was getting quite hectic, so we decided to leave. As we reached he car, my husband told us to look up. There were a number of rainbow coloured lights beyond the clouds. Some were moving, some were relatively still. There appeared to be smaller yellow lights next to each light, and one can be seen moving quite quickly between the bigger ones. There were 2 bright white lights off to one side. When the lightning lit the sky up bright, the colours remained in the clouds. I have a video of the event. Would love to hear an explanation. It happened at Wits University on 14 December at 19:11


UFO sighting above Table Mountain

About two weeks ago I went over to my parents house and as I was leaving, my mom said to me “Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you, we saw a UFO last night.” – she said this so casually as if this were a daily occurrence.

I wouldn’t call myself a UFO enthusiast by any standards, but I was brought up in a very open-minded Ukrainian family. Having grandparents who grew up in tiny remote villages in rural Ukraine, UFO’s were always spoken about as fact in my household. Continue Reading…

Bright White Object | Tableview

10.22pm: 14 Nov 2013: Tableview, Cape Town
A clear windless evening with clear skies. Observed a bright white object originally assumed to be a star, then thought maybe a satellite. However, it moved at a steady pace very high up in a southern to northerly position stopping suddenly and appeared to roll onto its side so it became a half bright light. It then shot up vertically disappearing in less than a second without even leaving a light trail. It simply vanished. There was no noise at all.

Night vision sighting in Cullinan

I was on a farm this weekend and as I was playing with a professional hunter’s night vision at night I saw an orb appear from behind a koppie. It moved in an easterly direction and suddenly stopped, just hovering. I removed the night vision goggles and couldn’t see anything as I turned to show my friends the object had suddenly disappeared from where it was hovering.

The farm is however close to a military installation but would a military helicopter fly without a tail light? It makes me wonder how many UFOs are actually visible to the naked eye. I will definitely spend more time looking at the night skies if I get hold of night vision goggles again.

V shaped object over Alberton, JHB

Rather freaked out right now as I’m not a believer in things that are not confirmed but I’m going to entertain this and hope that others have had a similar sighting or can even tell me I’m wrong.

This evening, 27/10/ 2013 at about 19:30, I was outside sitting on my camp chair watching the clouds just pass, I saw a 2 V-shaped object moving in a straight line very high up, it came into view between then clouds and then vanish behind a cloud and I couldn’t follow them anymore..

There were no lights on them and they were moving at a massive speed, faster than any plane would cross the sky or even any satellite I have ever seen.