High Speed UFO

Date: 24/07/2013
Time: 09:30 pm
Place: Silver Streams- Drakensburg
Submitted by: Matt


On the Evening of 24th July 2013, we were staying at Silver Streams Caravan Park in the Drakensburg. While sitting outside at about 9.30pm I spotted a strange flashing light in the sky. It would Increase in brightness from being “off” to fully “on” in about just less than a second. It would stay “on” for about four seconds and then turn “off.” It would then remain “off” for maybe 20 seconds. It looked much like a star, and I assume it was quite far away, but there is no way for me to tell if it was very high in the atmosphere, or quite close like a plane, but it simply shone like a star and looked pretty much like a star but definitely quite a bit brighter. I called my wife and pointed it out to her, and I also then called my friend to see it, and they both saw it and watched on with me. This strange flashing continued on for a minute or two. Over this period of time it had not moved in position at all. It seemed completely stationary. After all three of us had watched it for a while it finally turned “on” again and suddenly accelerated like nothing I have ever seen. It basically headed off in a dead straight line but not across the sky but rather simply away from earth and slightly to one side. From it’s stationary position, to being completely gone, it took what I can only estimate to have been a few split seconds to possibly a bit less then a second. Even though it was an incredibly short amount of time, it was still quite visible to us that it had an acceleration curve. In other words it did not simply hit max speed immediately, it definitely accelerated, but at a mind blowing speed/rate. To try and describe/explain the speed that it moved at, all I can do is to compare it to the fastest type of shooting star that can be seen in the sky. I would say it was a little faster, but also point out that this thing did not travel across the night sky like these shooting stars usually do. So the distance it travelled in that short time must have been phenomenal.

Out of the odd things UFO related that I have seen in my life this is most certainly the most significant, as no matter what it was, the speed at which it moved after being stationary for such a long period of time has really stuck with me. When I thought about the flashing on and off, I thought that it could have been almost anything that was “spinning” in the atmosphere or in space, and the light was merely being reflected off of it as it spun around. If that was all that happened I would have likely forgotten about it….but after seeing it move off like it did….all I can say is that I will never ever forget it and that I would like to somehow one day get answers as to what it was.

I saw heaven

Date: 21/12/2013
Time: 05:30 am
Place: Ventersburg, Free State
Submitted by: Doep


Me and my cousin stayed up throughout the night back in 2013. I got tired and wanted to go to bed, but a black cat sat at the window as we walked past it. We fed the cat and made coffee and continued on the journey in making it through the night. At the break of dawn, we went outside with their dogs. We stood in the cold for quite some time but decided to go back, afraid that her parents might get mad, seeing that we were outside alone. As we turned back, we decided to have one more glance. In the sky i saw clouds that looked like some sort of scripture. It was 3 lines long and the top 2 were evenly long, whilst the bottom one was shorter. Next to This was a dark cloud, which was strange as there were no predictions for heavy weather, and the rest of the clouds were a normal color. Atop of this dark cloud, we both saw buildings very clearly. The buildings were a golden color, even though the cloud was dark purple. Around the city, we saw two more clouds surrounding it. Not sure if i was delusional, I asked my cousin if she also sees it and she described it exactly as I saw it. Up till today, this remains a mystery and i cant find any other reports on this sighting. I hope someone else might have seen this… In our amazement, the thought of taking pictures didn’t cross our minds, thus is why we have no physical evidence on this topic.

Objects in picture taken at beach

Time and date: 22 December 2013 at ?
Place: ??
Submitted by: Mario

Hi there, i took this picture on my cell phone on the 22nd of December 2013 while spending a Sunday afternoon at the beach. We did not see or notice anything while we we’re there and it was only when I went through my pics that I noticed something in the photo. You have to zoom in to the photo, but according to me there is definitely something strange. First I noticed the 3 lights that is in the shape of a triangle and then I noticed what seems like someone sitting in a aircraft of some sort. Unfortunately I don’t have the right technology to zoom further into the photo so that you could see better. Continue Reading…

Pulsating Green Light North Of Krugersdorp

Time and date: 21 Dec 2013 at 9:00 PM
Place: Krugersdorp West
Submitted by: Anonymous

On 21 Dec 2013 my wife and I was sitting on our porch in Krugersdorp West. At round about 9:00 pm we saw a green pulsating light to the north. I’m not good with estimating the size and how high and how far, so your guess is as good as mine. I tried to take pictures of it, but my camera is too weak.

If I would have to take a wild guess, I would say that the light was probably half way between Krugersdorp and Hekpoort. Someone told me that it was a solar flare, but I find it hard to believe, as it seemed to be stationary for some time, before slowly moving north. It soon disappeared behind clouds. Continue Reading…

Triangular UFO in Johannesburg

Time and date: 9th of August 2013 at 7 – 7:30 PM
Place: Ormonde, Johannesburg
Submitted by: Venice

I was seated in the back seat of my brothers car on our way to a fundraising party in Ormonde I saw the most awesome sight. Just above a road bridge @ about 7/7:30pm I saw a triangular ufo with red and green lights on its edges. I cannot say exactly what its size was but having been to an airport I would say about the size of a commercial plane perhaps slightly bigger,it seemed to made of some kind of metal like steel but I also noticed it seemed tarnished in other words not a clean metal,it was kind of silverish gold with blackish tarnish. I also noticed a seam along the its symmetry. While trying to take this all in and being in complete awe I neglected to take pics although I had a small bag with only my phone and lipstick in it I just could not take my eyes or mind off of what I had been looking at and all. Continue Reading…

UFO? Fourways, Gauteng

We took some photographs of storm clouds and when we looked at the photos later that night we spotted something in the clouds which wasn’t visible at time of taking the picture. This was in Douglasdale, Fourways, Gauteng and photo was taken at approx. 18h30 on the 21 November 2013

Cape Town Milnerton Sighting 28 July 2013 (late submission)

Time and date: 28 July 2013 at 6:30 PM
Place: Milnerton
Submitted by: Wian

Only peeked into this website after discovering it on youtube, so it’s bit late, I know. Anyways, seeing that more people have seen this and some said it’s night sky lanterns. I have a video and a picture of this UFO, took it while taking a walk to a friend at that time it was raining and the wind was blowing, so I’d like to know from those who say it’s a night sky lantern how that is possible in those conditions? I’ll try and upload the video. Time taken:6:30 pm.

“you cant be ruled by fear”

ufo sighting milnerton

UFO sighting at Port Elizabeth 29/09/13

Time and date: 29 September 2013 between 8 and 9 PM
Place: Port Elizabeth
Submitted by: Daniel

I saw the exact same insident (port elizabeth between 8 and 9 pm). as far as I can remember the one I saw came towards my house from the sea side from the east. I could not say how far it was away but it had like a blue plasma spinning arround two to five revelutions a second the blue ora got big as it got closer – later as big as the moon. it hovered for a few second. Continue Reading…

Disk Shaped Object – Ladysmith

ufo sighting ladysmith

Time and date: 2nd May 2013 at 17h27
Place: Ladysmith, KZN
Submitted by: Jasper Slabbert

Hi There,
I took a picture of something I saw some while back, 2nd May 2013 at 17h27 to be exact, in Ladysmith KZN. On seeing a photo uploaded by Rene about an object spotted on the 21st of July 2013 I can’t help but wonder if this could be the same object. Unfortunately this was taken using my cellular phone camera, as that was all I had with me at the time, so it is not the best quality picture. It was quite a distance away and I was driving in its direction in the hope of getting a better quality photo. Continue Reading…