Silver powered object, seemingly breaking through atmosphere.

Date: 04/08/2016
Time: 08:49 am
Place: Mabalingwe, Bela Bela, Northwest, South Africa
Submitted by: Martin van den Berg


I took an off the hip photo of the contrast of the red umbrella against the clear blue sky, and did not notice the object at the time. Camera, Nikon D750, 50mm,f/8,iso-140.

Four orange lights take off in suburb | March 2012

Date: 23/03/2012
Time: 11:30 pm
Place: Fishers Hill East down Mars road
Submitted by: Tiaan Hattingh

Two orange lights came up from behind trees in a distance of 250 meters about, then a 3rd one came up with a bright orange light then after about half an minute the first two take off on a 45 angle with a unbelievable super instant high speed then the 3rd one take off South with a bright orange light same angle and speed with zero sound. After one minute a fourth one take off South also with a bright orange flashing light.

Large UFO above house in Midrand

In September 2012 when living in Midrand at about 2am I was woken by an extremely loud humming sound in the distance. It was travelling north from Pretoria side going south towards Jhb but moving very, very slow.

I lived on a smallholding in a rural area. The humming sound got louder and louder the closer it moved towards my house and the windows and house started to vibrate as it was moving over the property. Eventually it was above my house. I was terrified as it was just myself and my children at home. I can not tell you the shape or colour, and I don’t believe there were any lights. I did not get out of bed to look at what it was as I felt frozen. All that I can say is that the object was huge and was flying very low. It was moving sooo slow and felt like it was just above the roof. It carried on moving over the house and I lay listening for about 45 + min as it traveled of into the distance still moving slow with a loud humming sound.

I have never before or since heard anything like that.

I know that there have been several sightings of other UFOs in Kyalami about 20km from where I lived.

Bright Red Light Seen Near Melkbosstrand

Place: from Sunningdale outside CPT to Melkbosstrand
Time and date: 31 December 2012
Submitted by: N. Marsburg

On 31st Dec my husband and I drove from Sunningdale outside CPT to Melkbosstrand where we live. On the way, we saw a bright red light move next to us above the ocean, then it moved around in front of us and then over towards Durbanville-side and disappeared. Continue Reading…

Maritane Orange Orb/Light

Place: Kwa Maritane, Pilanesberg, NW
Time and Date: 10:00 pm on 23rd December 2012
Submitted by: Gail Ellen Prinsloo

Report: My husband and I saw one soundless orange orb/light, move from east to west above Maritane hill then it disappeared behind Maritane hill, after 5 minutes saw another soundless orange orb/light just materialize above Maritane hill, move east to west then de-materialize before our eyes.